Driving School Name???????

Afternoon Fellas,

Mrs Commz is setting up her own driving school, she has the car but together we are struggling to think of a suitable name to christen her business with.

So far I have:

Miss Daisy's Driving, One 'L' of a driving School and that’s about it really. :oops:

Why have I posted this in the NAAFI? Well there are some comedy geniuses on here who in their wisdom may stumble upon the ultimate name and ensure that the fledgling business is remembered by all who see it emblazoned upon her car! :D

And before you ask, yes she is very fit, no you cant have pictures but if the perfect name crops up in this thread I will post a picture of it on the car and maybe persuade her to let you have a free lesson (Driving!)

Cheers All,

Bloomin L I've Passed

Rex Carr's Driving School

L Passo
Careful what you choose; We've got 'U Pass' driving school round are way.

"Hello, is that the driving school for gays?"

"excuse me!?!"

"Oh, sorry - so it's not UP Ass driving school."


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Femme Fatale driving school

Aardvark driving school (the double A would ensure her name is first in the yellow pages)

A - B Free diving school
How about the Muff Driving School.


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