Driving Safety System

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by MiracleBill, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone had a run in with this system about to be fitted to white fleet yet? I can see my friend Mr A Solicitor getting a call any sort of disciplinary action comes my way on the say so of a box of wires.
  2. Is that the system with the little black box with the 3 leds that sticks to the windscreen?
  3. You mean the traffic light thing on the dash board?

    I had a car up to 90mph without even getting an amber light. They're bollocks.
  4. Thats the badger
  5. Reminds me of the shit limiters that went into minibuses in '97 up until the first time the MTO got a cabbie in one.
  6. My last unit had a member of the PS (regularly in the poo) disciplined for more than 100 violations reported by this system including speeding and being off route and unauthorised use of military white fleet. He got a telling off when we thought they'd finally got enough hard evidence for discharge.
  7. I know a certain garrison commander who get a snot agram from master driver about being in the red and amber zone I felt for the master driver.
  8. A couple of years back they were the subject of an article in the Safety magazine, about (I believe) Chilwell where they were piloting monitoring of the systems and would have a series of options depending on the data.

    Repeated occasions of identified speeding would result in letters (at varying politeness) to the individual, then the chain of command etc.

    e.g. a polite warning, a serious warning, a ban from official vehicles

    Our office was written to complaining that how dare they send a polite letter to an individual noting that he had been speeding, and asking him not to. Or the next stage would be they write to us.
    A bit pointless for him to complain to us that they are dareing to tell us that he had been speeding if he did not stop doing it.
    (Not how dare they accuse him of speeding as he fully accepted it all)
  9. They're shit, countless times have I been doing 35 in a 40 and it registers as red or when I do 80 and it stays at green. Never got in any official or unofficial trouble because of it.
  10. You're looking at it the wrong way. How do you know that the piece of equipment that got you in front of your CoC is working correctly, calibrated etc. Also, under what criteria does it decide that you are driving recklessly? Also, what maintenance schedule are the following, who is doing it....Sounds like a pile of poo that could be dealt with by robust punishment.
  11. No - in my example he had the right to reply and dispute anything, but was happy to admit to the facts

    It was treated as advisory information from the machine that may be correct or may be flawed, he was not treated as guilty until proved innocent, but innocent until proven guilty

    I have seen systems that are inactive and no lights, and those that light up at unusual times

    The question is will they be used as informative systems to advise drivers on efficient fuel consumption and to highlight bad patterns, or scapegoat hunters to hound people for one mph too high or 'ferocious accelaeration & braking'
  12. I've had one of the newer systems and they are extremely sensitive, I think this is being looked at. Nonetheless having spent an entire journey with the thing red or amber mostly for no apparent reason I only got an email asking me to not speed. I may or may not have been doing more than the 85 mph that seems to be the trigger. There was certainly no threat of disciplinary action, just a polite email to say not to do it again - it works because I haven't.
  13. For those that are speeding on Trimble (the traffic light system)

    The lights indicate harsh manouvres and braking, NOT speeding inffractions.

    You could be doing 100 through a 30 and it wont go red. However, the Mater Driver/designate CAN see where, when and how fast you've been. Your MTO/MTWO may well get a letter through which shows you were speeding. No 'legal' action cn be taken, but action for your vocational driving can including 'speed awareness' retaking FMT tests etc.

    I beleive the lights are now disabled. because they were fcuking dangerous. You'd spend all your time looking at them, wondering why they'd gone amber going around a bend.

    Personnaly I think the system is shit.

    It SHOULD tell you what speed area/black spot you are in, (a la road angel) and should protect you against idiots (a la Road hawk camera system), it should tell you how to get to somewhere (a la satnav) and should tell you wehere POL points are.

    with some forethought (purely for white fleet) the works tickets could be done away with. ID card in, enter desination of you go. e-mail phoned through to your 'approver'.
  14. What, do away with the 3 sheets of paper I have to sign? Heresy!!! Next you'll be suggesting using JPA to do away with the FMT 1000.
  15. Wait until some bright spark fits driveright, a system integral to a lot of commercial land transport management systems.

    A world of admin, pain and sackings (contractual conditions etc).

    On the plus side, on a recent project, has stopped a lot of local drivers rolling or wrapping company vehicles round objects (moving and static) in a country where the road death rate averages 1 per hour.

    Africa, got to love it