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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Chris_2oo6, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. passed my cat b up at leconfield this week... now all i've got licence wise is a photocopy of my counterpart+photocard, plus my mod driving test report which shows driver errors/whether i passed or not

    am i road legal to drive now with these??? i wont be in recepit of my full photocard/counterpart for about a month as im on leave and these will be sent to my units MT dept.

    so if i got pulled these 2 docs would suffice??

  2. I would check with local plod mate,better to be safe than sorry eh!
  3. Yes, it may cause a pain if you were pulled, but it would (in the end) suffice, as long as you are also insured, taxed and tested!
  4. And why not have your driving licence sent to your address? instead of work?
  5. i asked about that. but they said it has to go via the MT

    think i'll ring the dvla tomorrow, just to double check theyve updated my details on the system from provisional
  6. crack on mate you are legal as long as you have the documents of proof you have passed a practical driving test your good to go . :D
  7. And if you are stopped and done something naughty you get 30 days or so to produce.
  8. You may only drive whe your license is endorsed with the catagories passed. The D10 states that it is not a license to drive.

    Trust a VS to tell the drivers this!!! ;)
  9. d10??

    only form ive got is an F/MT 616A

    which is a test sheet
  10. Man Down is spot on, now that we are in the electronic world of www land. As soon as you pass your test, the DVLA are notified. This is updated via the the web.

    When pulled the cops will do a PNC (plods national computer) check on your licence, as they would anybody to ensure it is your most up to date version.

    At this point any new licence groups and points, bans etc will appear. So no more painful than anybody else.

    However plod will only pull you if they suspect you of or you have committed a moving vehicle offence.

    So check your vehicle daily and Drive Safely. Happy Motoring
  11. Dont worry about this. There is no D10 form anymore as the examiner takes your licence off of you at the end of the test. The F/MT 616A is just a copy of your test result. It is not a legal document, but in the case of a disaster would help trace your examiner, who also keeps a record.
  12. Seven days (five working days).
  13. 7 days with a 21 day extension if you ask for it.
  14. Where did you get that little gem from?
  15. seven day producer and that is that no questions no excuses, then to a court. unless you can prove it otherwise, it is in the Statutory instrument and the Road Traffic Act of 1972.

    But I am open to correction.

    Commercial vehicle operators are allowed 10 days at The TAO, (Trafic Area Office). "Croners"

    21 days for Commercial vehicle drivers who can prove they left the counntry within seven days of the original producer and stayed out there.

    But maybe I AM MISTAKEN.