Driving (like a nob) on leave

Is this comparing like with like drivers of a similar age. Could be that these are less risk averse or more reckless due being exposed to such danger on a daily basis. Roads deaths are sensationalised. 3.3K or what ever is not a lot of people relative the population. The figures del;iberatly misleading with deaths and seroius injuries being grouped together and some times even on BBC news they have talk about deaths when they were using deaths and serious injuries.
We have amongst the safest roads on europe. The reason the government hark on about roads in not purly motivated by saving lives. If the time and effort was put in other areas much more lives could be saved. To put it in context of likly deaths 100000 people have there lives ended prematuring each year because of cancer. I read in the paper the other day 3000 lives a year could be saved by spending 25 million on scaning older men for a vasuclar condition.
The fuss about road deaths is not because people are that highly valued there not. Sure the road deaths such as young men are a waste for the economy but there is many other wastes too. Road safty is about control an industry. Not just the fines but polciy quangos dinners the who chibang.
I am not trying to undervalue the trajic deaths of the 3.3K but they get far above there proportionate attention. This leads people to disproptionatly worry about road toll when they ingore other more likley causes of deaths.

Yes its bad may be dquadies should be encouraged to drive more carefully but they might also be advised to drink less dont smoke and leave the army. I am not being flippenent but I would think that some squadrins in iraq the men have a far higher stastical basis for being killed or seriously injured in combat than road toll and this a stastical thread.
When fishing, the bait has to be attractive to the quarry & presented in a manner not likely to make its purpose obvious.

Why does this thread have an 8/0 Mustad 3406 sticking out of it & smell like a month old kipper?
I’ve heard a stat that journos are more than twice as likely to get a lot of flack on ARRSE as anyone else (even airsofters).

What’s all that about?

Worse posters(I doubt that)? Wired after too much coffee? Because they ask stupid questions?

It’s not a good stat wtvr.
Occupations most likely to be involved in an RTA in private vehicles (this is from memory)...

Coppers (allegedly tend to drive like loons allegedly)
God-Squad (mind on higher things)
Vets (skulled on ketamine half the time)
Doctors (sleep deprived juniors or whisky sodden GPs)
Motor Trade (scum and we know it)
Fashion Industry (coke fuelled stick insects or flouncing bufties)
Scrap Metal Dealers (no idea and I didn't have a handy stereotype)
Professional Sports (steroids)

To that you can add

Coffin Dodgers of all descriptions
Anyone driving a white van that doesn't belong to them
Anyone driving a 'modded' hatchback of French origin

There's got to be a few left that I haven't insulted, but that'll do for now.

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