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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sharpshooter07, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi. I have just joined the TA, and i've been told that I can learn to drive with the TA, free of charge.
    Has any one been taught to drive by the TA, and if so, what was the course like and how long did it take after joining up before you got on the course? :?
  2. Most guys do it within 6 months of passing their CMS(R) at my place.
  3. People that volunteer for the driving course in my unit usually do it over a 2 week camp...first week being learning to drive a civi car & passing the test then a week doing conversion to Landrover etc with some off road driver training
  4. well i just recently got attested, but still waiting for my provisonal license back (name change) and its been 6 weeks now..
    I was told on Tuesday that as soon as i get my license and passed my theory test then they will get the course sorted for me asap, he also mentioned about getting me through a 2 week intensive course, but it also depends on the unit
  5. also my lessons will be booked via an independant instructor (BSM etc)
  6. In my experience, there are plenty of driving courses around, you have to personally chase them up.

    Get your provisional, make a photocopy and send it off for a start, with a cover note asking for a course.
  7. Been in 3 years, got my class 2 trade - but no driving courses have yet to be mentioned to me. Jumping ship to a new unit anyway who will hopefully sort it asap.
  8. As Sigs operator you can gain B, B+E and D1. If your a Sigs ED you can also get C and C+E
  9. You are only supposed to get your driving licence if your line serial number on your unit establishment (7009) dictates that you require one.
    Your unit should not be wasting money by utilising Contract Driver Training (CDT) training those that do not qualify as mentioned above. Your local Master driver has been told to tighten up on this so gaining your licence FREE will not be as easy as it was before.
  10. Alright thanks people. 8) I now know more!
  11. Without your licence you are not FFA (if trade requires you to drive); what trade are you? :?
  12. well my trade needs me to drive but i cant flaming get started because of the DVLA
    Sent my license in 8 weeks ago and because my Birth Certificate is newer then 5 yrs old they have passed it to the specialist department which is now in a backlog of applications....phoned countless of times and told to wait, doesnt help when my unit keeps asking if i have it so they can start my lessons!!
  13. our unit is tightening up on the drivers. our new mtwo is checking everybodys fmt600 and those out of date are not allowed to drive. that left us very short on our last exercise..you have never seen so many people doing their familiarisation on landrovers on one friday night. if it wasnt so pathetic it would be comical
  14. I would have thought that being only 4 you might have trouble seeing over the dashboard anyway :p :wink:
  15. haha :thumup: