Driving License Points???

Please can anyone confirm that if i have points on my DL i can only apply for certain trades. seems a tad harsh and i want to be a design draftsman but have 3 points and not allowed any???????
new one on me my friend i would delve deeper if i were you.

IF that where the case then the corps would have no feckin mt's.

most of the drivers in mt's have more points than the "star of david" 8O :D 8O :D 8O :D 8O :D
Yes points is a bar for some trades.

Look on your job breif your recruiting sgt gave you - should list all the requirements.

I have 3 points too but for my chosen trade this is fine, It also depends on your age, if you are 17 with 6 points that is sh*te, but a 26 year old wit 6 points isn't so bad.
Design draughtsman is not a vehicle based trade so it shouldn't really disqualify you for that
If you have points on your licence you are a criminal and not fit to serve in her Majesty's Armed Forces. Be off with you.
Depends on your age mate. If you are under 21 and you get 6 points you will be banned. 3 points isn't a bar on joining up or on certain trades (as far as I know). Just keep your foot of the gas and don't be stupid and drink drink, you will be fine.

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