Driving License needed?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Flying, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Basically today I failed my driving test for the 2cd time this month (For coasting, something I didn't know you could even fail for) I have my Sandhurst Pre-Commissioning Course Briefing Course in March and in the letter they mention I should have ideally passed my driving test.

    What's the consequences of having not passed it and joining? Will I be made to try again?

    Basically I only have limited funds to last me to May when I start and I want to go travveling between now and then so I don't really fancy forking out another handful of cash to do the test again when I don't even really like driving much.

  2. a) If you can't control a simple bit of kit like a car, what are you going to be like when things get 'complicated'?

    b) If getting some travelling in rather than fulfilling the requirements you are aware of before turning up for your course seems to you like the correct priority, are you really the right type of person for the job?

    Take yourself away and have a quiet word with yourself. People are supposed to rely on you in the future. It doesn't seem like you are the reliable type.

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  3. I think there's a lot of difference between doing a Driving Test and many other things you may be referring to as "Complicated".

    And actually as 1 of the few bad points they had on me at AOSB was lack a lack of expierience I thought I'd address that by going travveling by myself. I gave the Driving Test 2 goes both intending to get my License for Sandhurst and its not for me. I'v already spent over £900 so I did give it a lot.

  4. If you didn't know that coasting is a fail, then I would ask your driving instructor for your money back!
  5. You will find out that the one type of officer that EVERYONE dislikes is an officer that can always find an excuse, and never fault in themselves.

    Also, unlike some of the situations you may find yourself in with people looking to you for leadership, driving isn't complicated. I would like to point out that you have had two attempts at the driving test, a luxury that may not be afforded in, how shall I put it, more important situations, hense my pointing it out in the first place.

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  6. Learning to drive a car is a very very simple thing to learn , if you think different you are in for some big surprises .
  7. You seem to be getting a lot of stick for this. I'm not going to slate you for having failed your driving test, but I'l just mention that a friend of mine has failed his driving test three times. Coincidentially, when he applied for officer training, he was let down by his confidence and leadership abilities under pressure. So I would advise that you look at the sheet that the tester gave you, and find out exactly it was that you were doing wrong.

    If like you say, it was because you weren't entirely sure of the rules regarding passing your test, you probably had too much faith in your instructor, something which you should have mended second time round.

    However, a lot of people fail their tests due to some very bad luck, and others pass despite being atrocious drivers who really shouldn't be allowed on to the road.

    Bottom line is, if you were advised to pass your test, then book another driving test.

    For the record, I wasn't aware that coasting was a major. Did you literally drive down every hill in neutral?
  8. The first time I failed for nerves in the first few minutes of the test and forgetting a 6 point check, I'm really not the nervous type, I told my instructor I was more nervous in the test than during the entire of AOSB.

    The examiner said I coasted 5 times, and that was a serious. She said usuallly before junctions I put my clutch down too early, then changed gear when I needed to to apply the engine break, funnily enough the first test I never got a single minor for coasting. I'm going to give it another go Iv decided after a chat with some people, and I'm changing instructors for a few lessons. Hopefully that should sort it. Ironic thing is I don't even want a car and I'm only doing this for the Army, as soon as I pass and I'v got more money I'm planning on getting a motorbike :D
  9. I really hate to be condescending, but you might find being shot at slightly more nerve wracking than a driving test. Having said that, I also agree with the sentiment. I've never been so nervous as I was before my driving test. However, that is probably due to various factors, including money, and the time you have to wait until the next available slot. I would wager that people would be less nervous if they knew they could do another test the next week.

    If you are doing it exclusively for the Army, maybe you should give it another go.

    The thing about coasting is very bizzare. There are many points of view from various advanced driving schools. I'm not sure what IAM says about it, but I took an advanced driving course and I was advised that if I was concerned about fuel economy, then shifting down the gears helps. If you are more concerned about the life of your car, then putting it in neutral early and then using the brakes to slow down is better, as brake pads cost less than clutches and engines. I'm not really sure why the driving test concerns itself so much about this,

    Still, I digress. Retake your test. You might regret it.
  10. Yeah, I was gonna say, its not that I think Driving is hard, Iv failed twice (and felt a right knob twice) but both times I knew really it was technicalities and nothing horrendous. And that Military stuff is quite different, I'm not sure theres a correlation between driving skill and leadership.

    Decided to give it another go with another instructor anyhow so hopefully Ill nab it this time. cheers.
  11. "Because you're not fully in control of the vehicle". I did my test 21 years ago, and I was warned about it at the end of the test (still passed though)
  12. I'd give up if I were you, you can't pass a driving test yet you want to command troops in battle. Get a grip of yourself.
  13. I presume you are a student and therefore short of cash. If you can't afford driving lessons, you can't afford driving lessons.

    I would not worry too much about it.

    I know a bloke who is now a Colonel in the RLC (formerly RCT) who took nine attempts to pass his driving test!
  14. Sine when did the military demand you should pay for your own training? Surely if they want you to drive they should teach you to do it? I mean it's not as if they expect pilots to pay to learn to fly