driving licences

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by saltman147, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. hello,if i was to join the infantry, would it be possible for me to gain my driving licences in the army?
  2. I believe it is possible, but all the people I know that got their driving licence in the Infantry,have been capable of driving a herd of sheep into pens from 100 meters. Apparentley this demonstrates their willingness to be cool calm and collected whilst behind the steering wheel. There is now a lot less road rage out on the roads, because of this policy.
  3. Yes it is possible but if you want variety go as a driver in the Royal Engineers where you can get everything from a motorbike to a bloody great crane/Artic - and before anyone starts I do know what Im talking about 17 years with the Queen's Regt/PWRR and 5 years attached to the Royal Engineers! whatever you decide good luck.