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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by SmithsRail, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. How I start at Catterick on 24th Feb 2008 .. I'm curious, originally I was meant to be joining the RA but switched to the Infantry, Do Infantry soldiers get taught to drive like the RA or is it something you'll have to pursure out of Army time?
  2. you will more than likely get it through your Bn, cant think of many lads that have done it off their own back. Depends what role your going into decrees how quickly you get put through your driving, Armd Inf req Dvr's all the time and are for ever doing driving cadres or sending lads to leaconsfield, Mech role has very similar requirements. Not sure about light role as its been that long since doing it, but they still require drivers,
  3. If you have not got one apply for a HGV provisional now, before you join.

    It is possible to to learn to drive on HGV 3 and take the test in a goods vehicle, you then have a car and the HGV licence !

    Couple of guys I knew did it after me, I was gutted nobody told me about it!
    I'm pretty sure that this is still the case, but stand by to be corrected

  4. on
    if this is true i will try this when my driving ban is over and get the TA to put me through it again. :D
  5. I would strongly suggest u apply & try to pass ur theory test b4 you start catterick (unless of course you've already done that) :idea:

    That way your chances of getting a driving cadre rapidly increases to get you on the practical side & "when" you do get to ur Bn, u need to speak to the MT dept asap ( or through your coc) about getting a cadre, you never know you might get a cancellation & be slotted in that way

    I used to run (2ic) in my old unit dvr trg cell in the province & was constantly dealing with internal/external driving courses for ALL licences, hope all the above helps you mate
  6. cheers for the info lads big help.
  7. There is no longer an HGV3 it is Cat C (the old HGV2) and you must have a car licence before you take it, the old days of getting a car provisional and doing HGV1 are long gone
  8. In my unit it is the CO's directive that all soldiers must have a driving licence within a year of posting to battalion, barring of course the numpties who can't pass the theory test and those with bans. I expect it is similiar in other infantry units.
  9. in our battalion they want everyone with a licence aswell, we have a need for drivers due to being armoured

  10. thanks for that, I am, really showing my age now ! :D
  11. Good stuff, I'm there 27 jan:)

    you know you love it... 8)
  12. but of course mate :) you got your joining intructions etc through yet? They sent the letter with the date on that says "Joining Instuctions Attached", but there was fcuk all there.. phoned me AFCO and he said they aint came yet :( bla bla bla bla bla