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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Potentialrecruit, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. hi all im hoping someone can enlighten me. i have a querie regarding on how to obtain your driving licence within the army. im not yet due to leave for basic until the 21st of february. im joining light role infantry, i know this involves operating entirely on foot and the desire for a driving licence is not a necesity as it would be in say...RAC, REME ect but im just curious to know how long an infanteer would have to wait to obtain the licence after basic? also iv read something on DST which is used by the army to put people through thier licence....and im led to believe you dont leave it till you pass. can someone shed some light on this? and thanks in advance. john.
  2. Why worry? Worry about passing out 1st.
  3. not a worry mate just curiosity. just asking to see if it would be worth while trying to squeeze it in through the festive period, working and training for basic.
  4. ITC Catterick is starting to introduce Driver training at the end of 26 weeks training for Infantry soldiers. As said get your self through the first 26 weeks first then you will find out if your one of the ones who drives. If you do get to do your driving there everything is paid for so Id wait out on that until you get in. If you dont get it at ITC then when your in your Regiment you may get the opportunity then.
  5. I was also wondering about this but that clears it up for me, thanks.
  6. yip ditto, clears it for me too. thanks lads. john
  7. And it's etc, not ect.

    Just trying to help (winking smiley)
  8. I was told at selection in september that everyone that goes to ITC Catterick will come out with a driving licence no matter what.
  9. The majority will but not everybody.
  10. iron are you selected to do the driving whilst in training or do you request for it. as you stated before, i know passing basic is the most important, just would make life easier to come home and see my daughter as often as possible.
  11. Its at the early stages of adding this at the end of Infantry training but from all accounts nearly everyone will be doing it..........Watch and Shoot...Watch and shoot.
  12. I would get basic out the way and then when you are in your unit then ask.

    Could you help me - I am sitting my English and maths exams on Wednesday could you give me and info on the exams at all as I am studying but I am worried i am not paying attention to certain things that I need to?
  13. At ITC they have change the way of training instead of the 2 weeks battle camp which i had 2 do if you join now u do a 2 week driving course at ITC so if tht helps ?
  14. I presume it's a good idea to get your provisional before you start training then?
  15. if you dont have a provisional you will fill out forms for it in training.