Driving Licence/Test Question

Long time lurker, first time poster. Random question, sorry if it’s in the wrong forum. Got no idea where else to ask this.

When I was in the RAF 13 years ago I did a theory test which I passed, but got out before I started any driving lessons. This morning my parents got an envelope postmarked from the area where I was based and sat the theory test and it contained a Provisional Licence (which expired in 2013).

I had a Provisional before I signed up but lost my wallet on the drink in the local town and eventually I got a new one through the DVLA.

Is it likely that the RAF would have got me a new Provisional Licence when I sat the theory test regardless of whether I already had one and it’s been knocking about in the Training Wing for the last 13 years, somebody has just found it and posted it to the address I gave them when I left or that somebody found my wallet in the town at some point and has sent the licence that was in it to the address that was on it?

I lost the wallet, applied for the replacement licence and sat the theory test in the same year but can’t remember what months now so the “Valid From...” date isn’t much help.

It came totally out the blue when my Mam said she had some post for me, the envelope just had the photo card and nothing else in it. It doesn’t really matter either way, it was just totally random and I want to know what the crack is. Any ideas will be appreciated.
I can't be certain but somewhere on the Internet there just might be a chat forum populated by people with some/slight/no connection to the DVLA, a bit like Arrse.

But then they'd all try to communicate in Welsh, covering their keyboards in phlegm.
Try an OT succinct (no waffle) post on Longrider's blog