Driving Licence Renewal Cost

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by phil37, May 21, 2009.

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  1. My 10 year driving licence is due to expire in 3 months.
    Will the Army pay for its renewal?
    (My card has been renewed several times due to a change of address at no cost)
  2. No. Get your hand in your pocket.
  3. If the Army trained you to drive during Phase 2 training or you are required to have a driving licence for your current role, you should be able to get your driving licence renewed through the system. It should be the same as getting your passport renewed - they get you a new one or you get the costs refunded back to you if you have to sort it out yourself.
  4. From what i know they will only renew your passport if you need it for an upcoming tour now, i may be wrong but that is what i was told recently by an admin office, similarly i have never heard of anyone managing to get the Army to pay for a licence renewal either, but i dont mind having my eyes opened if they have as i will claim for mine shortly too :D
  5. The Army will pay for the renewal. You only have to fill in the application from the Post Office (MT normally hold copies) then speak to the pay bloke and get a check from the imprest account. Job done.

    This only applies if you need a licence for the job.
  6. Driving licences and passports are covered in JSP752 - Annex A to Section 11 to Chapter 10 - Serials 4 and 5 respectively.

    Serial 4 - Provision of Driving Licence Fees

    Serial 5 - Provision of Passports and Visas at Public Expense

    The following applies to both driving licences and passports:

    Method of Payment: The actual costs of driving licences/passports and visas are normally paid direct from the unit Imprest/Public account.
  7. Ive just got my renewal thru ... £20 a rip off.... 1984 raises its ugly head again better check behind my mirror for cameras
  8. Do you have a personal car ? , if so you cant drive without it.

    If you drive for the Army (only) then JPA it,
  9. Try LGV CPC, that's a rip off.
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  10. oldbaldy

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    I still have my very worn paper licence, no need for us old gits to have a shiny plastic one. :)
  11. Emergency services have to pay for theirs, my girlfriend 's just renewed hers.