Driving licence ban appeal?


I didnt realize the Army could take your driving licence away????


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The Army can only stop you driving military vehicles. He's telling porkies.
I would suggest you first get your boyfriend to tell you the truth :wink:


Sadly he has been telling you porkies. The Army can not take away his driving licence, only a civi court can do that in the UK. If something happened in one of those delightful Op theatres then the Army can only revoke his FMT600. Not even a civi court could touch him out there. Naughty boy !!
What may of happened and I am only offering a suggestion here

He may of passed his test, received the paperwork but not sent it to DVLA to receive his licence. If he didn’t do this in a certain time frame he would have lost his licence and have to start again.

It was a problem a few years back so we took the soldiers out the loop and now it is done for them

He may realise he was a f*ckwit and is not being completely honest

Either that or it is time to get your sh*t kicking trousers on :wink:
Did he REFUSE to Soldier?

Did the Mod pay for his licence and training?

Did he actually go to Iraq OR Tsan, does he not know where he was at the time in question, perhaps that why the Mod did what he says they did?? :wink:
He's nailing your best mate and has made moves on your mother.

Ho ho ho the old driving licence line :D

Who hasn't used it.
The British Army can not take your DVLA licences away... only the Forces own permit to drive military vehs

If he is out of the Army, you can wait as long as you want... They are not going to do anything about a licence.

If he can drive a motorcycle... he is either doing illegally or still has his DVLA licence.

See if you can see his licence that he is using for the motorcycle. If it has "B" on it, he can drive.


I would wait till he is sleeping and go through his kit. Have no fear its what you women do.

when you find out that he has dicked you about then its all down to you how you deal with it.


Im afraid that hes got you wrapped around his little finger love, and laughing all the way to the bank i shoudent wonder :!: --------- what else is he lieing about :?: :?: :?:

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