driving licence aquisition

It entails parking up in lay-bys in & around East Yorks for a few weeks, wearing vogue coveralls. If you're a Phase 2, a few guard duties thrown in to keep you happy. If you're a Phase 3 enjoy being canteen cowboy.
It also entails going to L.A.'s in Hull on a Saturday night & then attempting to walk back because your alcohol intake has blurred your capacity to judge distances.

Then trying to get a bed for the night in the T.A. Centre mid journey on Beverley Road...............erm.............or was that just me????
You will be taught how to train soldiers to gain driving quals. Lots of practice lessons, tests on Highway code, manoevering etc. Take wind/waterproofs as Leconfield can be windy & wet. Take lots of cash for the Cafes you will stop at & pubs/clubs you will visit for cultural enlightenment!
fuku, I think you're referring to the D.D.I. Course aren't you?

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