Driving lessons planned for Afghanistan veterans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Driving lessons planned for Afghanistan veterans

    Soldiers may have become used to driving in a manner that is unsuitable for Scottish roads
    heraldscotland staff

    Published on 8 Dec 2009
    Scottish soldiers returning home from Afghanistan will be given road-safety training to ensure they adapt to the “theatre of life” after becoming used to the “theatre of war”.

    Black Watch soldiers, who are in Helmand, Afghanistan, will be given the training by Northern Constabulary officers.

    The Army said it wants to provide “after-care” to troops returning from duty.

    The driving courses will focus on the dangers of drink-driving. Many of the troops are young and statistically the most likely to be involved in a car accident.

    And the returning soldiers will be used to driving in a “lawless state” with few roads and may struggle to adapt to driving at home, a force spokesman said.

    In July this year, 21-year-old Scott Bain, of the The Highlanders, 4th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland, was killed in a crash while on leave from Germany.
  2. probably a good idea.
    most squaddies drive like maniacs any way so any sort of extra instruction can't hurt. :evil:
  3. I think its a bloody good idea.
  4. More waste of tax payers money, if the thick cnuts cannot work out there not in afghanistan theres not much hope for them really
  5. 1 in 6 driving accident fatalities are drink related. Why not focus on the other 5 FFS?

    D&D is stupid and dangerous we all know that.

    Pointless attempt to tick some boxes in my humble opinion.
  6. It isnt that Regiment's style to do something just to tick boxes. That battalion lost enough people during their recent tour, without losing more now. Seems an idea worth trying, and certainly not a subject for criticism.
  7. Are they going to cover driving under the influence of drugs as well? If they're not alkies they're druggies. :wink:
  8. Very good idea plus it means they won't get their car taken off them if it is a second drink driving offence