I've just been informed by my local MT that the driving job I did to ferry drunken bums back from a mess function in a minibus, and received ED pay for, was an illegal detail.

Apparently as I don't have a taxi drivers permit I cannot take passengers for money. Is this true, if so I'm sure most people in the army would need a taxi permit before they did any mess driving jobs.

Any advice out there, if I can get away with never doing another driving job for mess functions it would be fantastic.
If your local MT think that driving people from a Mess function makes you a taxi driver, they have presumably registered the vehicles with the local authority, have the necessary plates on them, and paid for the appropriate specialist insurance. No? Didn't think so.
It sounds like you are doing these runs outside of MT control.

The Mess needs to book transport via the MT, a vehicle and driver can then be officially tasked and as long as you have the relevant FMT and FAM training for that vehicle they will be covered by the MOD insurance. Dont forget that if you are paid ED pay you need to pay tax on that too as it is extra earnings (the pay office will give you more detail).

However if its just you and a minibus cash in hand then it is illegal, try not to crash!!
Your MTO needs shooting for even allowing something like this to happen or for coming up with such a result like taxi driving.

This solution worked for us - each Mess was allowed to designate a number of functions each year as 'formal'. These were ratified by our Station Management Board as events the station would support. This then meant that we, as MT, could provide bus/coach etc as required for each of the functions and the station would be cool with the costs. Put it down to quality of life and prevention of drink driving too.

The Army system with detailing drivers for duties is a bit different (although MT Regs are Tri Service). I did find the above solution was good - it meant we could refer other functions to hire firms as we were covering a core of 'formal' functions for all ranks. I hate seeing guys put in awkward positions through weak management.
The minibus was booked by my sub unit from the camp MT, minus driver. I was detailed by my sub Unit to do the duty and collect the minibus. The MT checked my docs (all legal on that front) and signed the works ticket for me. As far as it goes it seemed like a standard journey and perfectly legal.

The ED pay was sorted out by my sub unit who were hosting a formal Corps function in the camp mess (we are not big enough to have our own). Not sure if the MT knew about the ED pay at the time, is this where the problem lies.

It is actually quite scary to think though, that if I had crashed, and the BOI had taken the 'passengers for money' angle then it may well have been an illegal journey.

I'm still no nearer to finding out if my original question, whether I require a taxi license for driving personnel in the army (and receiving ED pay for this) is true or not!

My MT are not looking to take any action and I apologise if I gave that impression. They are a great bunch but they are winding me up to high heaven with this. (OK so now I've admitted I want this info to wind up my camp MT I'll probably get some duff info!!!)

PS. I like the local authority stuff viro and even if it's not applicable to the Army I'm still going to use it to wind them up.
You were on Duty for this journey, therefore not taking monies for doing it. However your lot decide things, the ED is for duty. IMHO.

I'd ask whether you were given the proper rest time for driving ie no more than 8 hrs in a 12 hr duty day. If you were on duty as normal before & after, you were probably out of time and therefore breaking the law that way. Ask your MTO to get you an answer from the policy people - you should get the right answer through the proper lines.
If being paid ED pay for a detail you do need a specific licence (gets wallet).... Now, it's been a while since i actually read JSP 341 (MT and transport manual) but if i recall correctly (and please check this) you need a D1. (it comes under for hire and reward in the JSP)

Most of the older chaps amongst us automatically get it, newer drivers (say in the last 6-8 years) don't get this licence automatically.

Now, call me a bluff old traditionalist, but the knob chops that let you out in the vehicle is at fault for not correctly checking your licencing.

But, on the otherhand, however (etc) What they might mean by illegal detail is not that you weren't licensed, but that the Mess didn't get the minibus on a repayment journey basis which means that the mess also pays for the "hire" of the minibus, and the journey is entered onto the work ticket in red. This is a distinction between "Public" work, i.e at the taxpayers expense which would be the Queen's business, a duty if you will, or "Private" work, like the SNCOs/Offrs Mess getting smashed on a friday night which most might consider a duty, but it may in fact not be. This is allowable at the queen's expense (in transport terms) in a few specific cases; every other time, the mess pays for it out of their own private funds. It could be in this case that the Mess didn't follow the rules (maybe).

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