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Hi, I retired some 10 years ago, and at the moment I work on the rigs, but I want to change jobs for lots of reasons, but I was thinking of becomming a driving Instructor.
Are there any DI's out there who could possibly give me an insight into the course. IE. How difficult is it, ect ect, I have got no preconcieved idea's, just following a hunch.

Not a DI but my missus is a civvy driving instructor...

3 Parts to it. Part 1 is Theory, 100 questions i think with 4 sections of 25 of which you have to get 80% in each.

Part 2 is driving assesment, quite strict but not entirely different from normal test but they are looking for smoother driving and no stalling!

Part 3 is teaching ability. You get a person who plays a different standard of pupil. Could be a brand new driver, driver who has had a few lessons or someone who is upto test standard. The examiner is looking for good instruction and the ability to for-see hazards and react accordingly.

Now i think you have to do the Hazard Perception test which my missus at the time didnt need to do but has since done it. She failed it on the 1st attempt but it has been said its harder to pass as a experienced driver as you see the hazards way before the learner and you react too soon.

After passing Part 1 and 2 she went to work for BSM, good for the reason you get a new car every 6 months i think it was and your clients are provided. But bad because they dont do all this for nothing! you have to work the full amount of hours to take any decent mony. That said it provided her with experience.
After her Part 3 she bought a car, fitted dual controls and charges £18.50 a hour. Different parts of the country are more or less but as long as you under cut companies like AA (£22.00 around here) then its ok. Be prepared for being in crashes (she has had 3, all non fault!) and you work late into the day as most people have after work lessons.

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