Driving Instructor

Does anybody have any advice on becoming a driving instructor?

Interested in resettlement advice - good driving schools, how much can you claim back in resettlement etc.

Many thanks.
In last months (or even a few months last quests) there was an article on driving instructors.

There are some good firms out there and some less good ones.

It would be nice for those with an instructors licence for outside to tell us what its like - it could be a job for me as well.
My mate (ex Cheshire Regt) is now a driving instr. He reckoned the best way is to approch a National driving instr school & work through them to obtain your qualification.Its quite a hard course tho. The theroy was a right brain stormer apparently. He ended up having a franchise with the AA which he said was a waste of time. He now has his own car & works independantly. The hours are long & will be unsociable (mostly summer evenings & most weekends) He dont do too bad out of it though, nice house,car & 2 or 3 holidays abroad a year. It something I could never do as I,m a terrible passenger !!!!!

I tried it myself but didn't have the cash up-front. As Lone Tree said its a hard course. There's a few good books out for driving instructors and it'll be worth having a browse through to see if you could handle it. One of the books goes through all the test that "you" as an instructor have to do on your course.

If you pass the rewards are good, good money, good holidays, meet new friends (female of course). Hard work tho.
My missus is a driving instructor and it took her all 3 parts, 1 year. She went with BSM for the final part as she could then teach on a restricted licence. But now she has her own business and car. Downsides are it hard to get yourself started up, as in advertising. Yellow Pages and Thomson only put adverts in once a year and if you miss it then your a year without exposure as most people will look in the Yello Pages for an Instructor. Get in there and your laughing, if you dont its a slog around the newsagents windows and local papers putting advertisements in.
She charges £18 an hour but most lessons are 2hrs long. Its good money but long hours as most people want their lessons after work, ie 5-7.
I am currently attempting my part 3 to qualify. Its a long slog though, start the course as soon as possible, and any company that tells you that you can do it in under 6 months is talking poo!!
Also its very cliquey, especially the examiners, no two are the same so the tests are quite hard.
The plus points are you are your own boss, and there are plenty of impressionable teenage girls out there wanting to "learn"
If you need more details PM me
Many thanks for the advice so far.

Still got 18 months left, so am currently doing loads of research to see if it is a viable career path.

12 to 18 months is a realistic time scale for qualifying, its good money and you are your own boss, have a look at Fast Trak rider & driver training, I went with these guys, friendly and down to earth, you can also use your early learning credits (ELCAS) for the course.

Good luck dude
Re: Driving Instructor

Hi paid 3000 to lets drive, past part one and two but when it came to part three I had a medical problem and was put on medication and had to stop. I will not be able to restart training the company told me to apply for a part refund then told me they would not give me any refund but would keep my training time all 40 hours of it open for me to return not very useful to some one that may be losing his leg.
Give them shit mate, then if they don't give you a rebate, i'd go to the papers, they will deffinately not want the bad PR.

What a bunch of knobs!!

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