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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by feckemall, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. Anyone currently doing this line of work?

    Was thinking of doing the Surepass DI course and was wondering if the job would pull enough money nowadays with fuel costs and what appears to be a load of competition.

    I would expect the hours to be unsocial (evenings and weekends) but that of course is dependant on getting bookings in the first place.

    Any feedback, positive or negative, most welcome.

    Cheers . . .
  2. I saw the ad on TV for red and went to a presentation which lasted an hour. The said it's a guaranteed pass. You have to pay about £40 for a perception test then some other test and if you fail you pay again until you pass. Takes about 18 months to become qualified. They told me you can earn 30k p.a when you have passed. Your details are forwarded to the AA or whatever SOM you want to sign up with and they print business cards and put the learners your way. It's then up to you to sort out appointments, bearing in mind they will normally be in the morning before school or work or in the evening. You have to pay about £250 a week for the car, so it's really a franchise.

    You can do it all yourself, trying to find contacts. My mate tried but after 18 months he was getting nowhere and sold it.

    Just google SOM in your area and look at how many there are. I reckon after car rental costs, fuel etc, with a fully booked week you may pocket about £300 - £350. Worth a good look before you committ.
  3. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I did the whole DM and DI thing a while back - was seriously into diving and thought it would be a great way way to see the world, do a little work which I enjoy and since I had just been made redundant with a large splodge of wonga headed off.

    Diving for work soon becomes just work, pay is really bad unless you own the operation and then it's just poor instead of really bad.

    You get lots of sinus and ear infections from too much time in the water.

    Work is actually quite hard to come by, well anywhere you'd actually want to be working that is.

    Students, apart from a tiny minority are moronic idiots with a group death wish it seems.

    Have a bash though - find somewhere warm to do it is my advice, a gravel pit in Devon is no place for a diving career!!
  4. Thanks Taffnp I will look at that.

    Thanks Scaden but I think you have just failed the eyesight test . . . thanks for the insight anyway mate ;-)
  5. Think you may have lost a quite important r from the topic here Schaden.

    Driving - not diving!!
  6. Schemes like Red and LDC etc. are starting to flood the market with instructors. My father's neighbour is considering giving it up in september after 12 years of instructing because he can't get enough clients to make it worthwhile. Also, a lad I worked with last year qualified with LDC but can't get enough students to be able to afford to give up his full time job. It's certainly worth looking at how saturated your area is before commitng yourself.