Driving Instructor Jobs - Ethiopia

Driving Instructor Jobs - Ethiopia

Please excuse my straying from the infantry forums but I thought someone around here might be interested in a job passing on their pearls of driving wisdom in Ethiopia. Some friends of mine are looking for a team of 4 driving instructors. The contract was subbed out to a south african company who have just cried off. The start date is 28 Sept.

2 for light vehicles / 4x4 and 2 for HGV class1. The students are already national licence holders. This is a 2 day / 5 day defensive driving course to stop them crashing the client's fleet.

Being a qualified driving instructor would be handy but not essential.

The job is likely to last for 3 months, maybe extended. Its paying US$ 350 a day tax free for 6 day weeks. All travel, food and accom taken care of. BUPA travel & medical insurance cover. If anyone is interested please email a cv info@hybridsolutions.co

Please spread the word.

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