Driving in the army?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Fandangohxjg, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Whats the crack with learning to drive in the army?

    Can you apply to be taught at the end of phase two or is it automatically sorted out for you?
  2. Is it a fast track course or it done along the same time scales as civvy street?
  3. Not at all just looking to expand my skills in the future. It will be useful to beable to drive i reckon in future life?

    Anyway i thought it was pedalled by someone else while i turned the steering wheel???
  4. join the RLC as a driver if you really want your driving license :roll:
  5. Proud to be joining the infantry - The Rifles - But thamks for the concern! :p

  6. Own up, you just want a free car licence.. :wink:

    Not much future for an army driver though. By the time they've 1st paraded the wagon, filled in a FMT1005 and fault book for the bulb they had to change, filled in the 1st parade check sheet, filled in the work ticket and opened up a drivers hours sheet , it's time for him to go off duty... :D
  7. Hey come on worth a try? :D
  8. [/

    Sounds like someone works in the MT in a Inf Bat (far too much MT knowledge for a rifleman!). I'll remember your flippant remarks next time I'm protecting a convoy full of your mail/bullets/fuel along a MSR, DAILY! Yes DAILY! Some of your more experience Inf soldiers will tell you that whilst you are driving in Iraq/Afghan you a sitting duck.
    Whilst I fully respect my colleages in the Inf, just imagine driving a Fuel tanker down a MSR full of potential roadside IED's.
    Were all in the same team, there are many more trades in the Army that don't even leave camp!
  9. And yes, I am a Driver, RCT/RLC and proud!

  10. More a dig at the stupid amount of pointless paperwork umbrellas that a driver has to fill in before turning the key. Not a swipe at your trade mate..
  11. Took my test with 414 Pack Transporter Sqn RASC........damm donkey done a runner on me...

  12. Fair play DB, you get used to chaep digs with a cap badge like mine!

    RIP to the recent DVR death in Telic. (Which sadly proves my point!)