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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by GMan187, Jul 6, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys, before anyone moans I don't want to join the army just for a driving license..

    I went in to the AFCO yesterday and the Sarge behind the desk told me that whichever job I do in the army I'll still get taught my driving license... but I'm not sure this is the case, can anyone shed any light on this?

  2. No, not everybody gets their licence in the Army, although its very much down to your job and role if the Army is going to pay for you to have it or not.

    What capbadge you thinking of joining?
  3. I'm a civvy ****, but as far as I know you'll get a bollocking if you call a sergeant "sarge". Just a quick heads up ;-)
  4. I'm a civvy ****, but as far as I know you'll get a bollocking if you call a sergeant "sarge". Just a quick heads up ;-)
  5. your absolutely right young man in most instances the recruiting staff will mostly push you towards your local reg (if there is such a thing thanks to labour) they will tell you what you want to hear so as to get you into it, they claim that they dont do this but they lie and before people start jumping on the band wagon i will give ye ou examples, choices were para, househols cav, infantry, i was told that because i didnt have parachute experience or had ever worked with horses i was barred from those proffesions but if i went to my local reg i could request those courses, of course when i did reqeust them i was laughed out the cos office after being told " we have no need for parachute or cavalry trained soldiers in this unit" now just recently i came acrross same thing when i was asked to attend with a lad from my street at the request of his mother, he asked for info vehicle mechanic and paras and was told unless he had mechanical experience or parachuting experience that he wouldnt be able to go directly into reme or para but if he went to his local reg he could request the courses on arrival, you can only imagine the recruiters face when i told him that he was talking s**t, make sure you know what you want and dont settle for anything less, i am at no point dissing my local reg, i done 5 yrs in it and loved every minute of it and am extremely proud to have served in it and made some truly remarkable mates who i still keep in touch with,
  6. Most 'units' will benefit from their personnel having the capability having a driving licence, however how soon 'will depend' on what you intend to join, think carefully or you'll be waiting longer than you think!!
  7. Driving licence acquisition and testing is now added on to the Combat Infantryman's Course.

    All RAC soldiers will be trained as drivers in Phase 2, so will get a driving licence and be tested if they don't have one.
  8. All infantry recruits will go on a driving course after passing out, unless they already have their license. You get 2 weeks to pass, it took me 3 days so I'm getting more leave wahey!!
  9. What happens if you already have your driving license? Do you get leave while the others do it? I feel slack 2 weeks:)
  10. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Swanning around in your Mum's Ford Ka is not quit what the Army considers as being able to drive, you can@t imagine how much fun it is parallel parking a Chally in your local high street
  11. Got some milage done on my car. My old job involved me driving 700 miles a week. Fecking boring a sh!te
  12. Ever thought there may have been another fundamental reason why you ended up in your local Infantry Regt and the Sgt was just letting you down gently :wink:
  13. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    If you think driving on a motorway is boring, wait until you drive 700 miles across a desert, playing eye spy, I can see something beginning with S
  14. Fair point:p