driving in germany

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by signals, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. hi i was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback, i should be moving to germany in a couple of months, i was thinking of driving there, but i was told that i would need to take a familiarisation test or something after 3 months, can anyone shed some light on it cheers
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    DONT DO IT :!:

    They drive really fast - and on the wrong side of the road too :eek:
  3. I never did any tests and was driving a land rover within the first week. I was ace at it as well.

    I win.
  4. You only need a Fam test for driving mil vehicles. You can drive your own car without any worries.
  5. You'll be reet. Just follow the signs to Ausfarht, you'll realise how big the place is.
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    You have to pass a BFG "tick test" on the German Highway Code. It is worth doing this as soon as you can after you arrive, otherwise you may learn some of the lessons the hard way!
  7. Umleitung's bloody huge as well.
  8. I highly recommend the pastime of 'Snowposting' in an AFV 436
  9. If you're in Blandford (or many other large camps) you can go along to the MT and do a european tick test which is the same as the one you will do in Germany to get your BFG driving permit. When you get here dont buy a 4x4 which the salesman assures you that you will make 8 squillion quids profit on and if you really want to be safe on the road buy a left hand drive.
  10. Watch out for roundabouts, that's all I'm saying. They're a novelty item in Germany.

    If you're taking a car over, you'll have to go through the archaic procedure of "BFG-ing" it in order to keep it on camp. The plus side of this is that it entitles you to cheaper petrol. At least, it did a couple of years ago, I assume it hasn't changed...
  11. As a memberof the British Forces in Germany you are bound to obey Standing Orders. (sometimes called SOBAGs). You are not allowed to own a German registered car, although you can drive one (hire car for instance). If you own you own car you have to get it BFGd within 1 month on arrival - or purcahse. If you don't then potentially your Insurance becomes invalid, as you are not complying with the Status of Forces Agreement and SOBAGs. The BFG test foranycar consisits of a basic test of all its systems, less stringent if the car is new. Critically all cars have to pass the main beam/dip headlight test to ensure you have European lights fitted.
    for drivers all personnel who wish to drive BFG registered vehicles or military vehicles must have passed a "BFG Tick Test", a fairly simple multiple choice (tick the box - hence its' name) test that lasts about 5 minutes if you know your stuff. Really not difficult - my wife passed!.

    After that you will have a car that has BFG registration (Free (except for possibly a local charge €5.00)) and a have been issued with a BFG Driving Permit and / or FMT 600.

    If you have any questions phone your new Families Centre or Garrrsion transport Office and they can advise.
  12. ALWAYS called SOBAGs, 'cos that's what they are.

    Piffle and codswallop. If you own a left and drive, or buy one over here (as you are allowed to do) then it will have German plates.

    Headlamp converters are not allowed, and some of the switchable xenon headlamps are also not compliant with new legislation, and will need to be changed over.

    Be aware that new laws from last winter mean that you must fit Winter Tyres here (during winter - obviously)
  13. You are allowed to own a German registered car as stated. However if you want to get cheap petrol (about 40p a litre as opposed to 95p a litre at normal German garage prices) it has to be BFG'd.

    That is it has to have a BFG test and a BFG licence plate (Still a german plate but not the original )
  14. You will need to complete a familiarisation of left hand drive vehicles and also a 'tick test' prior to getting your FMT 600. This will enable you to drive military vehicles. If you're going to be keeping your car over there you shouldn't have to take any additional driving test although the familiarisation is useful including the tick test. You'll then need to get your car BFG'd. This is mandatory as it then entitles you to cheap petrol/diesel for your vehicle. You must also get a BFG driving permit. Hope this helps. Where are you going to in Germany?
  15. Piffle and codswallop. If you own a left and drive, or buy one over here (as you are allowed to do) then it will have German plates.[/quote]

    If you would like to enquire about that at your GTO or MP or read SOBAGs you shall discover the truth.