Driving Hours

Discussion in 'RLC' started by poet, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. Does any one know what the driving hours are for driving white vans :?
  2. Pretty sure they're the same for all colour vans :wink:

    Have a look in JSP 800, which replaced JSP 341. Sorry, I don't know the answers off the top of my head.
  3. Dont tell me MT at Mill Hill and your whinging about hours FFS got to be one of the best jobs for a postie that!
  4. All depends on what scheme your running on as per JSP 800.
  5. Drivings driving no matter if its white fleet or green fleet, although your CO has the power to waive the hours if necesseray
  6. Job is ace mate I cant complain :D . Just wanted to know the facts have to look up jsp 800 cheers for the help guys.
  7. lol we still have drivers hours??
  8. The MoD now operates on 4 Dvrs Hrs schemes (A, B, C & D). They are not yet incorporated into JSP 800 as the new amendmants are not out, however you can find them on a DIN which came out about 2 months ago. Soz, don't have the DIN No.
  9. I have the amendment. But I also have a life after work!

    Actually thats not true! The life not the amendment, I have that!
  10. So this is how MDs spend their time and do their business.

    That is of course, when they are not waiting for the answering machine to come up with some lame question from a twenty year full screw festering in some grunt unit MT.

    Or overseeing cycling proficiency tests.

    Read the bloody book (JSP 800) yourselves people, and let the very busy men/women get on with keeping our kids safe from the nasty SUVs by ensuring that they don't remove their stabilizers too early.
  11. miaow!
  12. drivers hours are there to be abused...DRIVE TILL YOUR EYES BLEED YOU MONG
  13. Drivers hours are now a legal requirement, and have been for some time.

    Your unit MTO / MTWO should have incorporated relevant ares into you units SOP's, and you should have signed a form to say that you have read and understood the fact.

    The MTWO is not their just to have a pop about speeding drink driving etc, he or she is the Units subject matter expert so speak to him / her and they will no doubt be able to point you in the right direction.

    Try your MT SNCO's first mind, usual CoC stuff. I'd be very surprised (no, dissapointed if they couldnt advise.

    Drivers hours are like l said a LEGAL requirement, ignore at you peril!!

    The only person who can over rule this is the CO, by means of waiver and is then only on Ops. Even exercises now within reason follow drivers hours, albeit an extension again applied for by the CO.
  14. They are not a legal requirement as the law does not apply to service personnel on duty. The MoD chooses to comply with the legislation as best practice and it is policy that they are applied, through JSP 800.

    On ops, drive till eyes bleed.
  15. 2007DIN04-051 – This is/will be Annex C to Capter 9 to JSP 800

    You are quite right of course the MOD is legally granted an exemption (at this time), due to the fact that we comply with the legislation so far as is reasonably practicable.

    And the exemption itself is only exercised in circumstances involving training and operations and then only under a certificate of waiver signed personally by the CO.

    Therefore day-to-day we comply with the law and indeed NORMAL OPERATING STANDARDS regulations are almost identical to civil legislation


    Lots about CO’s certificate of waivers for EXTENDING hours, I can’t find anything with reference to the phrase “Drive till eyes bleed” :D