driving for TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RemeRocket, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. When you have to fill out one of those D2 forms to get a lorry licence, do you tick all lorry, or is that just for full-time military?
  2. Mmm.. popcorn...
  3. Only if you get your own insurance and MoT the wagon yourself.
  4. You're now a WO in the TA. I'd expect you to give someone some relevant advice instead of sitting back being a smart arse.

    You get enough shit on here for having done nothing, you seem to want to cultivate that image.
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  5. Im assuming you are referring to the different categories, C, C+E. In civvy street you now have to acquire your C before C+E.

    Licence acquisition for LGVs has changed in the last few years, some of the regulations may not apply to military personnel. Your MT will know best.
  6. D2 is the provisional licence application. Apply for them all, it doesn't cost any extra.
  7. Driving quals are the same, your trained and tested to the same standard (you just do it in less time)
  8. You're a penis.
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  9. I love u Spaz :)
  10. If you're a VM there's a good chance that at some stage you will need not only Cat C but also Cat C+E. As previously mentioned if in doubt either speak to your MT or tick everything!
  11. I just ticked everything when I sent mine off before I did my minibus licence - if you have all provisionals on your licence then when the last minute C+E course comes through you've got a chance of a couple of easy weeks out of work don't you?
  12. Passing the test is the easy bit, the hard bit is getting on the GS conversion course and then negotiating the whole MT minefield of pointless arrse covering stupidity.......
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  13. Oh come on its neither stupid or pointless, it exists to service the industry that is driver training with all its MD's , DDEs, DDIs, and a raft of civil and military appointments based in East Yorkshire !!!!!!!!!!!