Driving Endorsement or Conviction?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Green_Homer, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. Quick background,

    Recieved a fixed penalty plus 3 points for a TS10 traffic offence back in 2004 (yes yes naughty homer....!) Held my hands up and paid up without the need to go to court.

    Am currently filling in a job application form for the Enterprise graduate scheme and they want to know if I have been convicted of a motor offence in the last 5 years.
    I was always under the impression that a conviction and endorsements such as fixed penalty notices were seperate things.

    The question is: Am I correct in saying that I have not had any convictions? (Have already stated on the form that I have points)


  2. Could be wrong, I think that Motoring Offences are where you go to court. Fixed penalty fines don't count. If it was me I would state that on the form that you had no convictions & simply attach a post it / note with your App and state that you have 3 points fixed penalty from 3 years ago. I wouldn't worry. However honesty is the best policy. Even better ring HR (Human Remains) tommorow and simply ask them for clarification.
  3. nope, it's a conviction.
  4. Yes. Declare it. Failing to make a statutory declaration is a dismissal offence after all in 99.8% of employer's books...
  5. Sounds like a plan. The main confusion stems from the fact that they ask two seperate questions:

    How many traffic offences have you had in the last 5 years?
    Have you been convicted of a Motor Offence in the past 5 years?

    Just want my answer to be accurate and naturally to minimise the negativity associated with it
  6. I lost a job because I didn't inform the company I had a motoring conviction. The advert for the vacancy didn't state you had to have a clean license, I beat 1,800 other applicants for the job and when they noticed I had points on my license the ripped up the job offer. The best thing is to be open and honest from the beginning that way nothing can jump and bite you on the arrse.
  7. I would declare it just to be safe, although mine weren't mentioned on my enhanced CRB check I've just had done :confused:
  8. I said yes to all sections just to be safe, ultimatly I suppose they won't be too fussed as its only 3 points and they are nearly up.

    Thanks anyway all :)
  9. Its not a conviction. Convictions are for careless driving etc when you go to court. When I used to issue fpn's for traffic offences I explained that if you paid them within the time limit then that would be the end of the matter and the licence would be endorsed. Convictions are when you are taken to court if you don't pay the fine or you get summonsed to court and are found guilty. I wouldn't bother putting it down.