Driving Disqualification??

:oops: What is the SP on a driving disqualification - for speeding not boozing/dangerous etc.

As far as I can work out my friend does not have to notify their chain of command about a potential court appearance, until they decide to defer judgement if considering a ban. Is this right?? So if my friend gets off with a fine and points then no-one's the wiser.

If they get a ban, they then have to tell the chain.

What can/will the chain then do to this officer?

Any info gratefully received.
If you're friend is serving then they have to declare any court case they are involved with.
Not according to Queen's regs they don't - They specifically make the exception for speeding offences unless they are disqualified. What I am after is the potential fallout from disqualification
It depends if driving is involved with their trade or job. If it is then they can face loss of pay (due to the fact they cannot do their job) and even demotion.
That and being look on a prick who broke the law to such an extent that they took their licence away.
Tell your pal to find an approachable Rodney tell him the score and get him to come to court with you.

It happened to me, I attended in twos and gongs, looked a pillock amongst the Dregs of the magistrates court, plead stupidity and beg the magistrates not to ban you, get the rodney to confirm to the bench that your career is in jeopardy should you recieve a ban and you will be surprised at how leniant some courts can be...

Throw in that you have just come back from operations etc etc,

Worked for me...................... twice :D
The lads who got a ban when I was in were taken from B1 down to B3 as driving made up a part of the Army Air Corps groundie trade.

They were then usually shoved on crew or thrown in the stores until the ban was up

Dont remember anyone getting thrown out and there were a couple of drink drivers in there


I thnik this on the professiona/ RAMC board too, keep it top-top secret and tell no one, you will 90% get away without your Adjt having a wobbler- oh plus you might not find yourself infront of the Old Man handing him your LS&GC!

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