Driving Courses

right.. i'm 21

still haven't passed my test.. i can drive , had a fair few lessons + passed theory years ago but thats ran out

what im asking though.. is there many chances to do driving courses with the army + get my licence??

i pass out from catterick in may 07.. is it true I have to be a year in my battalion as a "rifleman" , and cant do any courses in that year? and does that include driving courses?

nice one.
Don't know how Infantry work in that respect but Signals wise we're all trained to drive and I have been trying to get on my Cat C course.

It may be possible to get onto Driving courses in your first year, depends on where you go to and how they're set up for manning etc.

In short, Believe nothing you hear from anyone other than the "right" person (i.e. medics for medical stuff, Training Wing for Training stuff etc.)
Concentrate on getting through ITC first cheesetits!
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