driving conviction

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by steveyd, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. can i join the army? i was recently banned for drink driving and am still banned now. stupid i know, but i really wanna join!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got no criminal convictions or any thing else. good boy apart from my recent mishap.
  2. It also happened to me. You can not join until your ban has ended.

  3. Just drink driving eh,
  4. Real good!!! Lucky you didn't plough into some poor innocent family or take out an oncoming car killing all inside then we definitely wouldn't take you.
  5. Hate to tell you this but drink-driving IS a criminal conviction...
  6. cheers daytona955, but i was just over the limit and only just failed the blood test. i was unlucky not stupid
  7. No, you were being a danger to yourself and others.
  8. Yes you can join if you have been banned for drink driving
  9. y'know...the parameters for these tests are there for a reason, if you were outside them, you were breaking the law.

    "Your honour, i was only a lil bit over, it was bad luck"

    Won't really wash.
  10. especially when it's 'your honour I was only a little bit over when I drove into her......'
  11. Only just over the breath test (36-40?) you don't get reported. Between 40 and 50, you are given the option of giving a blood sample. Only just over? You only just broke the law and only just lost your licence and only just put your career in jeopardy. You may only just make it as a soldier.

    Learn from this and admit balme when it is yours and yours only...
  12. Not unlucky, extremely stupid, people like you kill innocent people who were unlucky to have been in the area that stupid people who choose to drink drive are.

    The army would be better off without you as you cannot admit it was your fault you were convicted of this crime.
  13. Yes he broke the law, yes he was punished, did anyone get hurt? Not as far as we know. Has he learned his lesson? Fecking hope so.

    Not condoning what he has done but, how many of you have driven whilst under the influence, or next morning when you shouldn't have?

    And no I haven't been done for it myself.
  14. Not me mate. I enjoy my job as a monkey. My issue with him isn't the offence but his response " I only just failed" and "I was unlucky not stupid".
  15. I have a great issue with the offence as well monkey, but agree that the response was bad as well. Try attending an RTC caused by a drink driver (who lived) and cleaning up the aftermath, then having to tell the innocent party's family they won't see them again. I have on more than one occasion.