Driving conviction, Security clearance & Rehabilitation form

I posted this in The Training forum, but had no responses. I'm sorry to post it again. i've removed the old one, I just really need some advice on this. Please don't be too mean, i'm a good lad that made a mistake.

Ok, looking for some advice, as my basic has been delayed due to injury, though this has no relation.

I completed the Rehabilitation form and signed it as not having any convictions, but I've found out that the driving convictions I got two years ago by a court should have been listed.

I started basic soon, and I have to complete the security clearance for my trade, where I have put down the driving convictions, which I'll be doing.

Will the Rehabilitation and security clearance forms be compared, or does is it sent straight out?

I'm not disqualified or anything and I don't want to cause any issues with start date.


Yes they will. You will be thrown out if you have lied.
So what should I do?

I wanted a career in the Army, but that seems to be off the table now.

Do I now start looking for a civi job and forget about going back to training?

I can't believe it.


It won't be off the table if you tell them. Do it Monday morning. Best of luck.
I think the best thing for you to do is square it away first opportunity. You may find it helpful to speak to an NCO or officer you feel you can trust (within reason) and get them to guide you. If your genuine about the reasons you did what you did then I think it would be very harsh to chuck you out for not declaring a couple of minor driving convictions. Be honest about everything and please do not try to defend by stating that you didn't think driving convictions count.

Good luck - it would be nice if you let us know the outcome


Integrity is one of the attributes they will be looking at you in training and it one aspect that makes a good soldier.

Dis-Honesty is not a good thing to display in the close environment of the armed forces..

Get this squared away ASAP as you may find it may bite you in the arse at some point in your career...

Good luck getting it sorted and with your training.
What do these driving convictions consist of,
ie.......3 points for a defective tyre,
or 3 years ban for manslaughter whilst well over the limit.

Why did you think that these convictions weren't important enough to put on the form.

There is a difference and that is likely to be taken into consideration.
The driving offenses were for driving without due care and attention, driving without appropriate license and insurance. Resulted in fine and disqualification at the time. Honestly didn't know that motoring offenses resulted in a criminal conviction, so didn't think about listing them as the disqualification had finished.


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