Driving (cat B)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Peter_Skellen, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Roughly how long from the paper work going in till start driving should it take?

    Any experiences of a time scale in the past.

  2. 6 years for me (from when I started asking... ;)). Already had my bike test thtrough civvi street so I was in no rush.

    All in all it should, in theory, only be a matter of days if there's lessons already booked with an approved instructor. We've had guys asked on a Wednesday if they want to do Cat C, and start instruction on the following Monday. 8 days from being told, they walk away with a Cat C licence
  3. Did my cat B in 1985.

    Me and my mate had 20 paid lessons each.Although they reckon you should have 1 lesson for every year you've lived.

    Dont do what i did before my 1st lesson.

    Had a pint of larger beforehand,instructor binned that lesson!
  4. So you reckon it shouldnt take that long. Paper work went in a few weeks back, some come back for me to sign the other week, its now gone to MTWO been told it could take upto 6weeks!!!

    With doing the lessons through a civvy company how long did it take to pass?

  5. Should be quite quick then.

    The usual setup is roughly this:

    3 x days full instruction
    morning of instruction then test on 4th day
    5th day for retest if required.
  6. What has to be completed before the Course takes place.
    Supposing I was doing a Cat B Liscence course, I assume I would need to have my provisional liscence and counterpart, and also have passed my theory test?
  7. Apologies in advance for the Bone question: do you have to be able to drive a civilian car before the attempting a TA Driving Course? Or does the TA train drivers with no previous experiance?

    (Dives in a trench, pulls on tin-lid and awaits incoming! :oops: :wink: )
  8. Yeah you need to have a full car driving license to learn to drive another category.

    Edited to add: You can do a course to learn to drive a normal car within the TA though.

  9. Really? Did'nt know that. 8O

    Thanks for the answer, mate. :)
  10. Correct. You need a valid licence with the relevent provisional entitlement (both parts) as well as a valid theory test. Theory tests can be done through the TA too. Personally I paid for my own theory test due to tight timings before the course I was put on to make sure I got it. Your MT rep will no doubt ask for your licence beforehand to photocopy and pass on to the MTWO, if you are based in a seperate location than your Battalion's main MT pool/HQ.
  11. fecking ages