Driving Brisbane to Melbourne, any info??

Discussion in 'Travel' started by DISCOS, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Gents,
    Just booked a flight to Brisbane at the end of October, going to be meeting up with some friends and driving down to Melbourne to visit a couple of mates.
    Looking on taking six day to do this in a 6 berth camper van.
    Is there anywhere that we MUST do, anywhere we shouldnt go and just general advice would be most appreciated.
  2. It's the long way round but the great coast road is popular, are you planning to touch the outback?

    If anything stop in the Barrosa valley(Around broken hill), hire some bikes and ride around the wineries, free booze and exercise.
  3. Cheers Frenchie,
    Yeah looking at doing the coast road. Will have a look at doing the wineries.
  4. Also Canberra boring looking place but worth visiting the ANZAC memorial and you can go and watch the politicians bikering as well if you like!
  5. Sorry was getting confused with Adelaide the Barrossa valley is right out your way, however there are plenty of other ones, remember a few around Wagga Wagga.

    Can't help you out much with around Brisbane but there isn't a lot going on inland apart from driving and some lively evenings with the locals!
  6. From Brisbane to Melbourne there are three main hwys.

    The Newell
    The New England
    The Pacific

    The shortest, quickest and most uninteresting would be The Newell. It is mainly flat and straight and is the main truck route. Stay off it at night because that is when the Truckies, Kangaroos and Wombats take over.
    Travelling time, taking it easy would be two days.

    The New England is more scenic, road is more winding with a few mountains to get over. You would by-pass Newcastle but would have to wind your way through the outskirts of Sydney to join the Hume Hwy to take you to Melbourne.
    Travelling time, taking it easy would be two days.

    Given that you have six days, your best bet is via The Pacific Hwy which is via the coast all the way from Brisbane to Melbourne. The road is winding but you will have the opportunity to visit lots of beaches and coastal towns. Lots of nice scenery along the way. It is the tourist route so take your time and enjoy. A bit of planning will be required as you won't be able to see visit all of the towns. You will be able to pull into some very nice caravan parks along the way.

    When you reach Melbourne and have a day or two to spare, do not miss a drive a long the Great Ocean Road as far as Port Fairy and then return along the same route.

    A visit to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne is a must.

    Take a day drive through The Dandenong Ranges and another day through Yarra Glen and do a bit of Wine Tasting.

    Heaps of other things and here are two links that should be of assistance.

    Australian Explorer

    Route Planner

    Good luck, best wishes and enjoy.

  7. Keep going! The best driving is between Melbourne and Adelaide!

    Brissy to Sydney is about 11 hours if you take the Pacific. Pretty much just motorway all the way down, nowt much.

    The other route would be the New England which moves in land via the Hunter Valley (for booze), but then you'd either have to chuck a hard left to get to Sydney or drive on twds Canberra then on to Melbourne.

    Depends if you want to do Sydney or Melbourne and beyond.

    My tips;

    1. Stay in Qld! Drive north then fly from Cairns to Melbourne!
    2. Avoid Sydney - it's full of poofs in skirts!!

    PM me if you want any more info - I'm living in Brisvegas.
  8. Cheers for the all the info gents much appreciated, trying to compare all the routes/places see ect.
    Much appreciated
  9. Do yourself a favour and stick to the New England Highway as it is less congested than the Pacific(Pathetic) Highway. It is a better run as well. School of Infantry is on the way as well and has an awsome Museum, if somewhat on the small side, but well worth the look. It is closed on Mondays but opened the rest of the week. This is also the Hunter Valley region for plonk. Good stuff too. Enjoy the stay and happy motoring.
  10. [quote="

    1. Stay in Qld! Drive north then fly from Cairns to Melbourne!
    2. Avoid Sydney - it's full of poofs in skirts!!

    PM me if you want any more info - I'm living in Brisvegas.[/quote]

    Living in th 'vegas; you poor bastard. :wink:
  11. I'll have you know I'm wearing a frock and sensible shoes today you bitch :D
  12. Brisbane--Gold Coast-Grafton-Armidale-Tamworth-Dubbo-Forbes-West Wyalong-Hay-Balranald-Swan Hill-Bendigo-Melbourne.
    A good trip, done it several times with a lot of variety.
    While in Melbourne a trip out along the Great Ocean Road which was built by Diggers after the !st WW to provide employment and now acts as a memorial is well worth adding on.
  13. As I said;

    Brisane - Get on a plane and miss out all the other cack - Melbourne!
  14. The Great Ocean Road is also rather scenic. Lorne, Torquay (we have our own version), Anglsea (again) and Geelong are all great places to visit. You might want to roam off your path and check out Phillip Island as well. Swimming will be a little hazardous at that time of year unless you dont mind cold water.
    Melbourne's not bad for nightlife, especially during the uni months since there's a lot of cheap drinks to be had.