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What is the SP for an offr that is disqualified for speeding.

I understand that you don't have to notify the chain of c unless you are disqualified or the court adjourns to consider disqualification.

What extras might on offr expect, if any, if disqualified?

Any experience / kmowledgeable answers preferred, I've had enough of the teeth sucking and rumour advice already.

Feeking hell Blueboy, three different threads. Man, you must be kaking it ! Here's another nugget of info. Find via your military phone book the nearest ALS. Ring the Chief Clerk, explain your predicament (don't tell him your name or unit, just that your an officer) and say you'd like some advice, in confidence, off the record, on the phone, with a trusting fellow ALS officer. With a bit of luck the CC will be a good chappie/chappest, and put you through. If he's a knob, keep ring around other ALS places until you strike gold. The lawyer will be able to give you some advice. I did this a few years ago in Germany, and had a good laugh with some Lt Col who said I'd hang for my offence !!
You have already been done for speeding fella, anything done to you in respect of that after the event is double jeopardy surely.. ie you can't be tried twice and found guilty of the same offence and repunished.

The only problem would come if you stupidly denied the fact that you had been speeding and perhaps said to the officer concerned "is it coz as black?" Then promptly forgot to tell your adjutant that you were off to court where by sheer fluke you were done for perjury and put in jail for six months...then you might have something to be worried about.

I would suggest that it would be very polite of you to let the CO and your Sqn Comd know that you can no longer drive.
Don't listen to Bowman. Go to your FSA tomorrow, tie him up and rob the safe. Go AWOL, and live on the hills. Don't go to your CO, you'll be in serious trouble, it's just not worth it. I repeat, go AWOL with the proceeds from the safe. I live in Manchester if you need a safe house, just bring the money.
If you have been disqualified then you have been found guilty of a criminal offence and you must tell your CO. Read your unit SO's. It's laid out in there. Have a chat with your Adjt. Get him to smooth the path with the CO. Don't leave it too late though or your CO will be a little dischuffed. Any Officer/soldier found guilty at a Court of Law (Magistartes & Crown), is obliged to inform his CO of the resultant decision of that court. This is a military requirement.

Bowman is right though....they can't do you twice for the same offence.....but they can do you for failing to comply with Unit SO's! (a seperate offence, so your lawyer hasn't a leg to stand on)

Do yourself a big one, get in ASP and get it over with. Rest assured, it will get out and reach your CO at some point, believe me, so get in there first and show him that you are a decent honest chap, despite the limp you have due to the lead boot you wear on your right foot.

He'll not lose his rag, but expect to be called a tad foolish and have lectures on setting examples etc.
i thought that if you couldnt be trusted to stay within the law, then you couldnt be trusted in a position of authority ? that way they get round double jeapordy. Not punishing you twice old man, punishing your lapse of judgement....

(not my view...MOD ?)

I was under the impression, loss of good conduct and/or reduction in rank ?

but IT might be just a ot of 'extras' for officers, with a snide little remark on next Confidential Report.

Not hoping to go to Staff College are we ? lol

It might be handled sensitively and discreetly.
But be honest. If a Pl/Troop Sgt etc came to his OC to confess, many would throw the book at him wouldnt they. You should at least be treated equally to ORs.
Any offence for which the case has been found proven in a civil court MUST be reported to the Chain of Command. The CO should then consider the offence in light of AGAI 67 and, if he considers that in having the case proved against the individual he/she has failed the Service Test, administrative action may follow.

Sorry Bowman, this does not constitute double jeopardy, as is clearly spelt out in the introduction to the AGAI.

The reality of the matter is that the CO (if worth his salt) will apply the 'oh, but for the grace of God' judgement and amke an appropriate finding.....but ya never know! :twisted:
Dirty is of course correct, you must report your offence to the RAO or you could end up in the brown pooey stuff. As for any AGAI action following, I don't think this is going to be a likelihood. It is not one of the professional qualifications for most officers job specs, and there must be literally hundreds of servicemen in the same boat. I know one particular TA chap who as a civ lost his licence (as a salesman this had a major impact on his job...ie he didn't have one shortly after collecting point number 12), the army took him on FTRS...

Now your CO may take a dim view of your disregard for the law, but thankfully alcohol is not involved, and as far as I am aware you haven't killed/raped or damaged anyone or anything (except perhaps your own pride). The longer you wait to report this the worse I am sure it will get. As far as the service test goes, currently you have not shown a lack of integrity, in terms of dishonesty etc, its a sad fact of life that most of us get caught speeding at some stage, so don't leave it too long to get into the RAO/COs office and get them both told.

Whatever happens, if you do decide to listen to Gunny can I have a share too?
boyblue said:

What a splendid set of replies which together paint a stunningly opaque picture. long live the arrse!
You could ask on the Civil Service forum, but you'd get an even more opaque answer and it would take four months.

Blueboy attacked the FSA whilst asking for a cash advance. The FSA, a big WO, whilst opening the safe, was hit over the head with a Unicom printer. He managed to get to his feet, were he proceeded to kick seven bells of shiite out of Blueboy. Doctors has stated he's progressing well, and will be back on his feet just a soon as they remove the printer from his ARRSE.
Tell the Adjt, he/she will inform the CO for 5 seconds, you get a small slap on the wrist. You get promoted before your end of tour, and to wrap it all up they take the piss out of you in the mess on your leaving doo. Dont get to bothered about it. Your mates will remember it and you will be kept in high regard, as a human being, and bloody good bloke, on your way to command.

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