Driving ban

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by force, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. After being turned down for 4PARA on the basis of a 2 year driving ban are there any other Infantry regiments that will accept me?
    Or is it just a case of having to wait it out till its spent?
    Any advice/pointers would be much appreciated. Am aged 24 and ban was in February of this year.
    Oh, Done BARB, Done TARS, been attested too if that helps.
  2. What were you banned for?
  3. Dangerous Driving, LC20 and IN10
    Effectively speeding in the middle of the night through the countryside without license and insurance.
    Not under the influence or drunk driving.
  4. Sex case sex case 'ang 'im 'ang 'im 'ang 'im

  5. Pffft thats nothing, I got caught for that with added "No lights and poaching from the boot"
  6. Well there you have it Force, if you're not a poacher or sex pest, you're no use to man nor beast.
    Perhaps you should start slowly with a little scrumping or light frotteurism, before forking out for a lamp, rifle and ball pein hammer.
  7. Lol think I may have to head down that dusty road by the sounds of it. Though is there no way around this other than to sit on my hands and wait it out?
  8. You're a nasty selfish little criminal; no license or insurance, what would have happened if you'd hit somebody?

    Come back if you grow up.

    I hate kids like you, I really do. Do us all a favour by crashing your unisured car into a brick wall.
  9. Fair point, and understood. I understand the what ifs and buts I have had plenty of time to think about it... but I didnt hit anyone plain and simple.
    Grown up now mate thats why im here. We all do wrong, that was my moment of madness, its now done and dusted.
    I didnt ask for a slaying I asked a question not for a keyboard warrior on a horse.
  10. No problems with an un isured vehicle
  11. Thanks DMSDAVE. So what about the licence and ban issue? They say I have to wait the two years till its up as my application wont load into TRHJ whatever that is? Are there any other infantry regiments where this ban wouldnt be a problem do you know?
  12. bravo Bravo_Bravo
  13. Whilst that is also my view.

    but where are the wheels on a parachute??
  14. Thats exactly what I thought.
  15. H3

    H3 LE

    Comes down to simple trust plus you don't fit the Ethos of the Parachute Reg ...... look it up , would think your also marked by Manning records for being turned down so it looks like a long wait !!!!