Driving ban getting your licence back whilst on ops ?

Hi all

due to get posted on Op Telic in October,but I was banned for drink driving December 2004 , therefore I`ll be away with the R*gheads when I need to apply(i`ve read you can only apply 56 days before your ban is up on the DVLA website)

Any one got any gen??

Have you looked on the DVLA website? The information is probably on their. Also, while your on tour you should be able to visit a Paradigm Internet Cabin to get access to apply online.

And to reiterate what Paymaster said, next time try not drinking and driving. Drink Drivers kill people.

Although I have already recieved both civillian and military punishment for my misdemenour and willingly accpect a slagging from my peers and counterparts ...yep I know i am the winner of "how f**king stupid were you award" my question remain`s any gen ... ? if not politely do one as I already know how stupid i was to do have done this ( it was at 7 am on a saturday morning after a mess function) .. ok no excuse... I hear you say but you`ve never done it have you???


can't you take the forms wtih you-or get them and sign them then get wife etc to post them nearer the time? don't know how the system works-surely it would be to your unit's advantage to have you back as a driver out there?

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