driving back to Uk while car is still in process of bfg?

hi guys/girls,

I am just wondering can you drive your tax free car back to the uk under the circumstance that:

1. Your car is been bfg processed but waiting for plates to come in.
2. Without the tax disc but can use the pink log book stating that you still have 2 months left to export the car.

i need some quick answers plz as i have to drive back to uk ASAP.
also i have spoken to few people who have said they have driven back to the Uk while still waiting for their BFG plates to come in. They said it is fine to drive back showing that you got proof for your car has already been in the process of BFG registered.

But just needed to be sure. i have spoken to the Local BFG office but i think that person was unsure.
So just need some other opinions.
Can I just say stop being a twat

If you are looking for some anonymous bloke to justify you braking the law you already know the answer.

Face it mate, you know you are in the wrong and you just want a comfort blanket to make you feel good

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