Driving at Phase 2

Discussion in 'REME' started by leguy, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. I'm on leave at the moment, waiting to go to, phase 2 in arborfield in a few weeks.
    A mate of mine recalls being told by someone at arborfield, if you pay for your driving lessons + license out in civvie street the army will re-imburse you. Is there any truth in this?

    Also how likely are you to get your driving license within the first 6 months at arborfield?

    thanks for any replys
  2. I've not heard of anyone claiming there driving lessons back before, but it may be true. I personally think not.

    It's possible that you might get to Leconsfield in your first 6 months, it depends on time for course loading etc....but it's probably not gonna happen.
  3. you can claim back £200 or 80% of the cost which ever is the lower but only if it is your first licence. If you already have Bike licence you cant claim.

  4. Techs only get B at arborfield they get C between arborfield and unit or shortly after getting to unit.
  5. I wouldnt pay for it myself mate, your gonna get it for free so its just a matter of time. You might have your lessons before your course or after, luck of the draw. I believe all Recovery Mechanics do theres before course as they need it, you obviously wont need it to complete your trade training.
  6. Not strictly true Chuzu.

    Tech's used to go from Arbrofield to Leaconsfield to get their C and C+E licence. That is no longer the case for all as the penny pinchers deemed this to be a waste of money. However, there have been moves to get all of those deploying to OPR Coys to get their licensing done before they go to the field force.

    If you want to use a civvy driving instructor during your time in Phase 2 then it is achievable however it will eat into your free time when your peers will be doing revision, sports and socialising. It also eats into your wages and whilst it would be nice to be independent Im not sure it is a necessity so early in your career. There will be plenty of lads and lasses who will have licences and will be able to get you to Reading or lifts home so there should be no need to rush.
  7. I'd recommend Reading :)
  8. seconded!
  9. Reading good is it?
  10. Get yourself to the Honey Pot and ask for Claire ;)
  11. will do gasmark
  12. My son is at Arborfield at the moment, he's been there for 11 months. He enquired about driver training and was told he could only do the driver training course if there was a two week break in his course. Unfortunately his course was pretty intensive so he hasn't had the two week break so he decided to pay private. He's recently passed his test and has enquired about claiming the money back for his driving lessons but was told that unfortunately he couldn't claim the money back. :(