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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by chocolate_frog, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. Looking at driving jobs at the moment as a potential quick fix job whilst I find my feet should I depart the warm embrace of the Colours.

    A fair few refer to Digi tachos essentail... what does this mean? Do I need to own one or know how to work one?

    I have C + E, D + E, Hazmat and FLT. Do I need to do a course in this digi tacho or what?
  2. You'll need a card and to pay of course. Google it and also CPC and pay again.
  3. cheers jarrod.
  4. Few blokes do driving jobs for extra cash while still serving, CPC is to prevent cowboys from crashing along the A roads.

    Tacho is workable, long as you remember to learn about manual discs as well.
  5. LGV drivers I know on here are guzzler and mac_uk. Both will give sound advice.
  6. You don't need your full Driver's CPC for another couple of years as yet. Do the module relating to 'O' licence protection. 7.5 hrs training covers Digicard/Digitacho, manual tachos, driver's hours etc, etc. You will need to apply for your Digicard if you already haven't done so. Anymore info pse, PM me.
  7. Any idea of costs Postie?
  8. I am sure my digi tacho card was les than £30 and I didnt need to send a photo off as DVLA just used the on on file from my driving licence this was 2 years ago they last for 5 years £27 is a figure that keeps jumping in my head.
    Anything like Hazmat and HIAB courses run through civi firms count as hours towards your CPC too I did a HIAB course about 6 months ago and it counted as 15 hours towards a CPC
  9. Shop around. Costs have dropped because Drivers and Companies are delaying the training for as long as possible. When I book a trainer it costs me £500 per day wether I have 1 or 20 Drivers attend. There are cheaper Companies but the instructors are experts. The guy who took our 'O' Licence module was 28 years with VOSA and really knew his stuff. You can get courses starting at £30 per day but you get what you pay for. There is an additional upload fee per Driver to go on top of this, approx £8.
  10. Your best to pm 'arters' he does dcpc training. I am a hgv driver and even though i can't remember the cost of my digi it wasnt a lot. As for the dcpc you should have it through grandfather rights if you past your test enough time back though i cant remember the cut off date. Truck and driver magazine has a good forum on it's wwb site. Ask on rhere and you should get a full and proffesional answer.
  11. What is an O licence?

    Feel like opening a can of worms!!!

    Basically I have C + E, D + E, Hazmat and FLT. Never used tachographs.

    But am interested in using these skills outside in civdiv for a while.

    And what is CPC?
  12. Certificate of professional competence.
  13. You only need a CPC if you are planning on running youre own company but it is a feather in your cap when applying for a job somewhere. Comes in two flavours , national and international. Covers law and regulations and such for running a haulage company. The Drivers cpc or DCPC as it is known is a stripped down version to make drivers more aware of the rules regs and HnS stuff.
  14. Every transport company from a one man band all the way up to DHL must hold an Operators licence. Univerally known as an 'O' licence. If they lose this 'O' licence then they have to shut up shop.

    Not near a PC but by a certain date (2013/4) all LGV drivers must have attended 37.5 (?) hours of accredited training delivered by a JPAUT accredited individual/company.

    You need to get your head round the EU Working Time Directive for mobile workers plus EU Drivers Hours. Neither are as complicated as they first appear.