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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by The.phantom-wolf, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. Hello all, im curious about driving. in the army will i be given a civilian driving license?
    also, im interested in learning to ride a motorcycle but am unsure of the laws and prices etc..
    would i be better getting a motorcycle license before i get in (if i get in) or should i get a regular license and have it added...which is cheaper? and i hear there is a restriciton for 2 years after learning to ride a motorcycle, so which route would be quickest and or cheapest?

    Thanks all~
  2. Yes, the Army will teach you how to drive and you will get a civilian qualification out of it, and if you do your motorbike thingy, you can claim it off your ELC as long as you have a good reason.

    I'm sure the IRON will be along on Monday with all the regs.
  3. oh, thats sweet!!

  4. What Sluggo means is that the army will teach you to drive if your job requires it.

    ELC? Dunno I am out of date now.
  5. I see... im aiming to join as a junior para , through afc. will i be given a license ?
  6. Enhanced Learning Credits. You thicky.

    You can do with SLC too (Standard Learning Credits).

    As long as it is part of your job spec.
  7. I see, thank you for the info!
  8. Only to kill.

    They may even give you spelling lessons if you ask at your local AEC.

    (I miss my JEC).
  9. HAhahahahaha, fuuny xD

    That being said, i have no idea what an AEc or JEC is.
  10. Dont be so prickly Sluggo, ELC was after my time XXX
  11. As mentioned above the Army will teach you how to Drive only if THEY see a need for it and at a time and place of THEIR choosing. Having said that, not many squaddies get to flash around on motorbikes which is why YOU should obtain your MC license before you join. This has a couple of advantages.
    1) It shows smarts on your part. So you'll be "one up" on the other nigs and will be a corporal in no time.
    2) If you ever find yourself trying to escape the Polizei in Germany you can always swipe a Motorbike and jump the fence into Switzerland.
  12. Cnuts never taught me to drive!
  13. Thank you for the advice! and the amusement xD i shall take it to heart !!
  14. As stated above there are a lot of jobs within the Army now where you get your Driving licence in Phase 2 training (Heavy Goods licence in many cases aswell which you wouldnt normally be able to do until Over 21 and at a big cost in civvy street)
    They have started to do Driving licences for Infantry up at Catterick ITC after you have completed the first 26 weeks but not too sure about PARA Recruits yet as they go onto do there P company then so will try and find out from ITC or if recent PARA Recruits on maybe able to update.
    Regarding motorbikes we got rid of all the Harley Davidsons around 3 years ago and even though you could get to ride bikes in the RLC (very rare now adays) so a lot of people do it privately or as Sluggy suggested some are able to use there yearly SLC but all depends if you can justify it.......I had a few young VMs who said they wanted it to be able to fix Army bikes and wangled it due to the Motorbike competitions.

    Just ask the Recruiter when hes giving you job briefs if the job includes B or LGV driver training and he will point it out on your job brief.
  15. When i was at Leconfield they had guys from the rifles, and pretty much every infantry regiment, doing cat B, C and C+E (the trailer one?) so they could move on to armoured vehicles that are used within the regiments. Not sure if thats limited to Mechanised or Armoured infantry though.

    Like it has been said, just use the SLC to take lessons at the weekend or evenings, you'll have time after training.