Drivers who cant drive, whats the point of them?

I am at an RLC unit in Germany. It is unbelievable how many RLC drivers there are who can't drive military vehicles. Some due to rules on on age and time spent in Germany, loads that have been here ages but are not fam'd up or converted and a lot that are banned for drink driving etc.
We asked for a driver to come over to pick up a truck last week. An RLC private came over, we asked if he was a driver and he said yes. When we told him to take such and such vehicle over to his squadron and he then told us he couldn't because he was banned for drink driving! What's the point of keeping these f**ckers in the army. Their trade is a driver and that is what they are paid to do, but they can't. They are just sitting round at their unit doing f**k all but waste our time and money.
Also there are so many rules and paperwork now before you are allowed to drive half the regiment can't drive military vehicles even though they have licenses and FMT 600's. We are having to use lance jacks and even full screws sometimes to cover duty driver jobs that are supposed to be done by privates, cause they are now saying you have to be over 21 and had 6 months experience in Germany. Why f**king recruit drivers under 21 then. It is crap like this that is messing the army up and pissing experienced soldiers off as they are doing duties when there are plenty of new guys(through no fault of their own) doing f**k all.
Remember going out to BAOR in '87 for a recce and being given a driver who was weeks out of basic. Third time he bogged on fairly reasonable ground I suggested that I would get the vehicle out.

Fair do's to the guy he said that his Sgt had told him not to let one of those TA types drive and he didn't intend to go against his Sgt, but after 10 mins of his atrocious efforts to get out of the hole he was in, I pointed out that:

I was a major, He was a private.

I had done the cross country driving course, He hadn't.

I had lots of experience driving off road, He hadn't.

I was a Major etc.

We came to a mutual understanding - He drove on the roads and I drove on the bits where he might bog.

He got his own back when the accelerator cable sheared. I saw the problem and realised how to fix it when the cable end vanished. Bright boy had pulled it through into the cab. No easy way to return it through its routing, Sunday afternoon and we were God knows how far away from the nearest REME. Nordheim to Munster with him driving and me with the cable tied onto a spanner and the springy bit that controls fuel to the engine, doing the throttle bit. Arms and shoulders ached for a week afterwards,
Your driving must have improved since '77, then. :)
You think you lot have problems; I work for West Midlands Ambulance Service, who have employed loads of drivers who can't drive most of the fleet due to not having a C1 license. They also can't go in the back 'cos they are just drivers, ie. they have no clinical qualifications.

The answer? Take one seat out of the back and ditch a load of equipment to get the weight down.

Honestly, if only the public realised.

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