Drivers to face regular health checks.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by dingerr, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Linky

    Normally I would be peeved at an extra control that the government enforces on us, but this one i'm please about; get rid of some of the blind old gits on the road who try and drive 'till their hundredth birthday.
  2. In my opinion all driving licences should only be valid until the age of 65, whereupon the holder should be made to have medical by an independant Doctor and then sit a simulator test.

    Over 65's are deadly at the wheel, but in our prim and proper stiff upper lipped British society, people are to scared to single them out for fear of being accused of ageism. That's why is should be compulsory for all at that age.

    However, as it's something that is actually very important, our feckless government appear to be only making it advisory and not compulsory. Which therefore makes the whole thing a complete waste of fecking time.
  3. Personally I'm not worried about British OAP's on the road.

    I'm more concerned with drink drivers, joy riders, and the general amount of bad drivers on the roads today and the loss of common courtesy when trying to cross the road at zebra crossings and giving way for example. Perhaps because of the large numbers of new entrants into the country has brought about social changes that do not ordinarily meet the standard norms we are used to in this country and thus we see the erosion of norms of behaviour.
  4. More to the point, I think licences should be valid for a fixed term - 5 years or so - after which people need to revalidate them by resitting the test. I'm put in far more danger routinely by fully-licenced working-age people who just don't give a shit about other road users, right of way, common sense or any of those other inconveniences that get in the way of the shortest possible time from A to B.

    I also think we should get rid of these mealy-mouthed charges involving phrases like 'due care' or 'involuntary'. We've all been trained and tested to hold a licence, so there's no excuse for not knowing how we're supposed to behave behind the wheel. If you kill someone through stupidity, inattention or selfishness that should be classed a deliberate act (choosing not to exercise appropriate control) and so a murder charge isn't too far a stretch. It's a tonne and a half of metal moving at speed, people. Act appropriately.
  6. From what I read they are looking at every 10 yrs or so and with that I dont see a problem. Most 18-20 yr olds have good eyesight but those getting to 30 often have less than perfect eyesight but have never had them tested (I can think of one person I know who refuses to accept he needs glasses but is clearly far worse than I am- I wear contacts).

    There are other benefits I suppose, early detection of other possible ailments, I dont see a real problem with this but as with the speed limiter thing, I really doubt it will make roads any safer. As someone else has said the biggest problem on the roads is other people's attitudes and ability.
  7. 5 Years is physicaly impossible.

    Those with disability's are assesed by an independany DVLA Doctor, where'as those that reach 70 just pop in to see their own GP.

    Doctor says 'Hello Arthur, haven't seen you in a while'
    Driver, 'Been doing the gardening'

    Doctor, 'How can I help you today?'
    Driver, 'Now I'm 70 I need signing off to drive'

    Doctor, 'Are you still feeling ok at the wheel?'
    Driver, 'Never felt better'

    Doctor, 'Pass us the paper work and i'll sign it off and post it to DVLA'

    That's how my now 72 year old Father-in-laws medical examination went when he reached 70.

    Mine for disability was much stricter and resulted in the loss of both my HGV entitlements. Meanwhile my Father-in-Law who is as blind as a geriatric bat and wears two hearing aids can legaly tow a 21" caravan on the Queens' highway.
  8. 65?

    How about a fam test for every new vehicle size. ie Based on Engine size, car size and capability. So someone who passes in a Fiesta, with plenty of cash and NO driving ability can´t get behind the wheel of a Rangy.

    Police to attend EVERY accident and ensure that all drivers are Insured, Taxed, Licenced and MOTd. Failure on any of those fronts mean a lifeime ban. Also to ascertain fault.

    Once a driver has been in, say 3 crashes within a two year period, or five in total a further driving test is required.

    Drink-drug driving, causing death by dangerous driving would result in life time ban.

    Insist all visitors to the country hold a BRITISH licence before climbing behind a car wheel.

    Make law a specific colour code for taxis, ie cream like Germany. Illegal taxi drivers get lifetime bans.

    Instigate happy busses. Austrailian system. Close down a road, and EVERY car on it, gets checked for legality of driving. Breath tests and on the spot MOTs also available.

    Lock down the Trunk Roads such as motorways with VRN reading cameras. If a car pops up as not legal, persue. With the correct software, doppelgangers should be easy to catch too.
  9. Bloody Hell Frog, have you ever concidered a career in government?
  10. I think you're onto something there, CF
  11. While I find several of the comments posted on this subject desireable,or even highly desireable,the cynic in me sees this as a way for the government to intervene with the aim of raising revenue through further driving tests,increasing control and monitering on the law abiding motorist,while the uninsured chav driving without passing a test,or driving on a ban and the illegal immigrants in uninsured vehicules will continue to drive with little to stop them.

    Crush or confisacate ALL uninsured vehicules and put all banned drivers' details online and set up a reward scheme for shopping those who drive on a ban,or without insurance.

    Illegal immigrants found driving will be automatically deported.No legal aid,or appeal being available to them.
  12. I think we can do without the word "driving", can't we :)
  13. So the fact that the vast majority of car accidents are caused by/involve people aged 17-24 means that they should also be singled out and tested even more regularly than those over 70?


    Men are also more than twice as likely to have an accident as women, at any age, so blokes should also be tested as well?

    Why not a drivers MOT every two years and make it complusary and they could even make you pay for it as well (driving being a luxury!) even more cash off drivers.

    Hope I haven't given them any ideas?
  14. Its stupid 'cnuts' like you and the 'pricks' that float these sort of ideas that can't see further than the end of your/their snub nose(s)/dick(s) and whose eyesight obviously needs testing as you/they have 'tunnel' vision. Your presumption is that all people live in cities within reach of some form of public transport and the whole gamut of services...well 'knob' there's a thing called the countryside, still a majority feature in the U.K that has systematically been robbed by succesive governments of Transport services and vast swathes of health/social provision. I live rural, we've recently lost village Post Offices/shops, we get two buses a day to the nearest big town and whilst we live frugally we still need things like food 'n' the like, take away peoples independant transport what are you going to put in its place..??..or is your next bright idea going to be forcing people to move(concentration)....better still, euthenasia perhaps..anyone over 60...eliminate...Knobhead...!!!
  15. Just a thought and I know its somewhere on here, but your picture licence is only valid for 12 years anyway.
    Why not make everyone re-sit a test on re-application for licence?

    That would stagger the admin burden on test centres and DVLA.