Drivers - The cash cow milked yet again

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, May 11, 2011.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Looks OK to me, it will never work as there aren't enough plod as it is and more are getting cut. There's only one answer to the problem of UK driving standards. Buy an Urban recreational vehicle like this one!

  2. Your not wrong Biscuits .I travel up and down the M1 everyday and the police are few and far between ;not only that isnt there some law stating about undertaking if the vehicle in front is moving slower than the prescribed limit ??
  3. Alas no, except in when they are in a queue or have stopped IIRC.

    Just do what I do, flash them then beep. I find it most stimulating approaching a car sat in the middle lane, when they should be in the left hand lane. Even better if I could have overtaken, but chose to flash them off instead...

    What a huge pain in the arrse is when there is a long line of traffic sat in the fast lane, but hardly anything in the other two lanes, and you can't (legally) roar past them all.

    And why do coppers middle lane? Fcukkers.

    More education on motorway driving needed for drivers, and I'd like to see minimum speeds put on the other two lanes. And signs saying 'fcuk off to the left you old cnut' for those who feel the middle lane is some sort of pensioners lane.
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  4. Yes we could start by teaching them there is no "fast" lane? ;-)
    They are, from the left, "Other", "BMW" and "BMW".
  5. Oi you missed the line between lanes 2&3

    Bikes and Plod :)
  6. Sorry. That should read "BMW bikes" and plod.
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I've never understood why undertaking is regarded with such horror in the UK. It works perfectly well in the US and Australia without there being mass carnage on the roads.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I dont let it bother me, as I'm usually driving something banned from the outside lane I just smooth in alongside using cruise control. They d get the hint, as long as its not carving up queues most people recognise it as a tactic for getting around wrinkly drivers and err asian women!
    The plod were out in force yesterday doing vosa vehicle checks.
  9. I do over 50k a year on UK motorways and these days I rarely go into lane 3, the quickest and clearest way to travel is on the inside lane, overtaking when necessary and I will admit to undertaking 100's of vehicles but I don't zoom past them, nice and steady but defensively as generally the outside lane is only doing about 50-60, or everyone is backed up for miles trying to get past one person in the middle lane.

    Yesterday I was behind a plodmobile and both us must have gone 4 miles on the inside lane passing (undertaking but with one lane separation) a huge amount of traffic before needing to move into lane 2

    I am past caring about the middle lane morons but have my suspicion that a lot of it is to do with cruise control combined with laziness, that and complete ignorance of the rules. we don't teach motorway driving in the UK and we should.
  10. I've always assumed that if you're already in the nearside lane then passing something in the middle lane couldn't be considered undertaking. I've nothing to base that assumption on, it just seems logical as surely you wouldn't be expected to pull over to the outside lane to pass a hogger when there is a perfectly clear lane ahead of you.
  11. I always undertake, we have long stretches of motorway here where the speed limit is 50. As the artic is limited to 50, I just glide past on the inside looking puzzled at the dickheads stuck in the middle lane doing 45.
  12. Its worse on the A1 at leeming 50 mph through road works but they all go at 40 then slow down for average speed cameras, really grips ma shit as cruise control is usually set at just below 50.

    Also recent accident a transit minibus driver was told that he wasn't allowed to use the outside lane so he cut in front of a wagon and got volleyed into the crash barrier. copper told driver not to worry and then ripped the minibus driver a new ring piece.
  13. Centre Lane Only Drivers (CLOD's), vary from mildly annoying when there's no traffic, to being a bane on the motorist by forcing the second (or third) overtaking lanes to become clogged. I'd rather the Police 'on the spot' fined them for a lack of spacial awareness.
  14. I like cruise control, due to the kids, we normally move at night (habits of a life time and all that!) set the cc to 75 and toodle up the mway, i just concentrate on looking up the road and lane selection.