Drivers on phones to escape fines

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Nov 10, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Motorists caught using handheld mobile phones while driving will escape a fine if caught during a safety campaign.

    Instead of a £30, they will be urged to give thought to the potential consequences of their actions.

    God give me strength. What kind of left-wing, tree-hugging, wishy-washy, namby-pampy nonsense is this?

    Advice to plod: Take the phone out of their hand and crush the ****ing thing with your car, it's the only way to get through to these morons.

  2. This, BTW, is the same Thames Valley Police that has a quota/ points system for it's traffic police.


  3. Maybe a practical demonstration of the consequences ie a quick shovel to the face might concentrate the drivers thoughts a bit?
  4. :D :D Agreed steven, it's a painful learning curve.....however very memorable. :lol: :lol:
  5. How about some combination therapy?

    Run over their phone then a shovel in the face? :twisted:
  6. I take it that this "initiative" will affect their quota. Do they get performance related pay?
  7. I can't really take this law seriously, since on a number of occasions (once in Nottingham, twice in London and once in Manchester) I've seen Old Bill at the wheel of their "follow-me" motors chatting merrily away on mobile ham bones themselves.
    I also remember some time ago reading about a woman who was fined for drinking from a bottle of water as she stood at the traffic lights. Again, I've seen Old Bill in the UK do that very same thing.
    It all seems a bit of a farce to me.

  8. If you can afford a mobile phone, you can afford a hands free set. Too many people have died as a result of someone deciding that their mundane little conversations are more important than concentrating on the road. Crush their phones, hit them in the face with a shovel and then shoot them.
  9. People who use mobile phones whilst driving should be treated the same as drink drivers. A £1,000.00 fine and a years ban. Then smash them in the face with the shovel and thier phone, then run the car over them as a practical demo.
  10. Driving on the M60, I saw a woman behind the wheel of a moving car whilst putting on her make-up.

    The shock made me spill my cornflakes over my newspaper.
  11. I was pootling down the M27 on the bike a couple of months ago when I passed a bloke in a BMW putting on hand and face moisturiser with his eyes shut, both hands rubbing away at his face.
    I assume it was moisturiser......
  12. Someone must have asked this before.
    What is the difference between a policeman in an area car responding to a call on his Clansman set (Yes - I know its not Clansman) and talking on your moby - or eating an apple - or changing a CD - or changing fcuking gear.
    Modern life is not risk-free, any more than life ever was - just new risks.
  13. There is no specific legislation preventing the use of radio equipment in cars whilst they are moving etc just like truckers using CB sets or taxi drivers using their radios.

    The police are no differenet than everyone else and they have to still maintatin a good standard of driving as they are no exempt from driving standard offences.

    Talking on your mobile whether its hands free or not is more of a distraction than all the other things listed. It is not just a few seconds thinking about something else its potentially minutes at a time concentrating on something not even remotely connected with driving, during which time you are no paying full attention to what is happening ahead on the road and therefore taking greater risks and causing them for other drivers.

    If you were changing cd's or eating an apple at the wheel you could still be fined for not being in prpoer control of your vehicle however the police would have to offer some evidence of this ie. if you were swerving all over lanes one and two of the motorway whilst eating an apple!

    It will soon become an endorsable offence so that you get three points on your licence for doing it, might help might not just have to wait see.....
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The police are no differenet than everyone else and they have to still maintatin a good standard of driving as they are no exempt from driving standard offences.

    True but when they kill some poor fecker in a hot pursuit, (I'm not concerned about the scrotes its the proper innocents that hurt!) how often do they go inside, any figures available?
    Dont tell me like firearms its justifiable!
  15. Very few people get put inside for causing death by dangerous driving, you see tales of scrotes with a long track record of No Insurance, multiple disquals and so on getting suspended sentences. Coppers get summonsed for ludicrous things that The System ignores for non-coppers, to set an example. I actually think it's part of the CPS charging decision process in fact.

    Bloke 'A' is a scrote with no insurance. The system cannot cope so he is NFA'd. You see this all the time.

    Bloke 'B' drives through a red light. He is a copper. He gets prosecuted.

    Now, I'm not talking about the Ch. Supt i/c of the Traffic Dept, I'm talking about herberts like me.

    Who'd want to be a traffic cop anyhow?