Drivers on oxygen - is it allowed?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Howay_the_Lads, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. That's drivers not DIVERS, divers not being allowed oxygen is silly and downright dangerous!

    I digress, yesterday whilst popping into my local supermarket, I noticed an old feller sat parked in his car in a disabled slot outside the store. As I walked past, I noticed he seemed a little bit distressed, then I realised he was sat (in the driving seat) wearing an oxygen mask, the tube obviously going down his side to a canister in the car.

    I rang up the local old bill, gave the VRN etc, they said that they couldn't action this as there could have been any number of reasons why he needed oxygen.

    Now, I may be a little on the opinionated side, but if someone is so ill that they need to be on oxygen, they can't reasonably expect to be able to drive a vehicle. Any coppers on the site, please enlighten me, as I put the phone down in utter disbelief.
  2. It does seem a bit dangerous!!!!

    Unless he has to wear all the time whilst driving like glasses wearers.

    No that can't be legal.... can it?
  3. Was the carpark at a harbour/riverside?

    Maybe he's got a dodgy handbrake?
  4. Given the way some of the elderly drive an oxigen mask is the least of your worries.
    I mean your stood their with your oppo in bright yellow jackets diverting all these cars away from a road and one still decides to drive through you!!
    "I wanted to go to B&Q"
    Oh well thats ok then run down 2 bobbies because you wanted to go to B&Q on a saturday afternoon, you senile old sod, wrinkleys day is wednesday.
    Sorry, rant over. No no offence unless theres something hampering his abilty to drive the car and to be fair not being able to breathe would probably do that.
  5. Unless the inability to breath kicks in at an inopertune moment. Like a round-about or a pelican crossing that has just changed.
  6. Pilots of Typhoon at 40,000 feet use oxygen; the old boy was just doing what was required. He wasn't much of a threat whilst parked up anyway.
  7. Wow! 40,000 feet! That's what I call a multi-storey carpark!
  8. 40,000 feet!
    Yeah alright and they wouldnt dream of dropping below the 250 mark would they, ever tried sharing a narrow fell road with a Tornado?
  9. Maybe he stole it.

    Oxygen thief.

    I must admit I would question that while he's gulping for air and playing with his regulator, it isn't exactly due care and attention.
  10. Good point, but at 40 000 ft you're hardly likely to reverse into a pushchair!
  11. That's right. It's only going forward that he'll hit something. :wink:
  12. this might be the new thing for the over 60's.
  13. don't belive crab air have managed to reverse into anything yet but don't post that on pprune net or your just be giving them a challange
  14. DVLA provide a list medical conditions which need to be reported link provided here I can't find anything about using oxygen in a car thats stationary.

    Can't remember the rules in detail but isn't oxygen a Class 3 product?

    BOC Medical give this advice whenever you take oxygen cylinders in a car it is advisable to take the Transport Emergency Card (TREM). Whenever oxygen is in the vehicle then display the card on the dashboard. When not in use place it in the glove compartment Please do advise your car insurer that you may be transporting a small number of cylinders in your vehicle.

    Nice to see they advise taking the TREM card but say Whenever about the sign did notice a few day's that all the car's used by G.P's during the night (with green falshing lights) at local hospital have green triangle and sign in window.

    Whats a small number of cylinders isn't it weight that counts?
  15. They did when I was there, mind you we were backing it into a very tight space. :wink: