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Discussion in 'RLC' started by gaz-hell, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. hi just a quick one can any one give me the an explination of drivers hours please :?
  2. you can drive for 8 hours a day with breaks in-between.
    if you want to know more let me know.
  3. I think in theory we are exempt but we do follow the rules. You can drive for 4.5 hours and then you must have a 45 minute break. You can then drive for a further 4.5 hours. You must have a minimum of 9 hours rest (not 8 as is commonly thought) and ideally 12 hours rest. If you go on the Department of Transport website there is a PDF file that you can down load explaining the main bits. Your CO can sign a dispensation for longer drivers hours (ask anybody about Brigade moves to and from Pristina to Thesalonika) but this is a pretty rare occurance because of insurance etc. If you are an NCO or officer in charge of drivers on exercise you should ensure that your driver is fully rested where possible and has regular meals. You will be held responsible if your driver has an accident and it is proved that it was your fault that the driver was well over his/her hours. Where possible on exercise the drivers didn't stag on but often e.g. in a support or armoured troop this is inpractical.
    Hope this information helps.
  4. JSP 341 is the place for you.

    We currently run scheme A & B for vocational and no vocational drivers. The schemes mainly concentrate on whether or not a driver has to keep drivers hours records or not. The MOD is currently exempt taco graphs (however this may change).

    JSP 341 has various tables for single manned cabs, double manned cabs (both drivers qualified to drive) and waivers. A common misconception is that a waiver allows a complete exemption of regulations. It doesn’t it only allows extended hours.

    Like I said JSP 341 is explicit and clearly explains, hope this helps

  5. The only exemption the MOD has is on Ops and that's only when the big boss has signed a waiver. We are bound by civil law and use that.

    Shame the eurocrats made it so fecking confusing.
  6. The brand new rules and regulations on drivers hours are simple and easy to understand. They are as follows:

  7. and if you don't show your eat sleep card when you walk into the scoff tent on execise the Chief Clerk won't let you get fed. Brilliant, let's all drive whilst we're knacked and starving :D Perfect recipe for an RTA !!
  8. Isn't the objective of the Drivers Hours Record Sheet (DRS) (eat sleep card) to manage the Drivers fitness to drive. When corretly completed by the driver, it gives the manager visability of when the driver can drive or needs a rest. It is an excellent management tool
  9. IIRC the MOD is exempted completely however it chooses to abide by the spirit of the regulations. Consequently all drivers are bound by drivers hours as stipulated in JSP 341. A waiver can be signed to extend the hours driven and reduce the rest time, however there is not an automatic waiver on ops - indeed on Op TELIC 1 waivers had to be applied for each task if required in the Bde I was deployed under. Drivers record cards are a good idea to manage the hours worked by soldiers but the command structure needs to understand the rules and be willing to sign waivers. Difficulty will always arise amongst certain groups for example rad ops who drivew into location, set up the CP then stag o, this leaves very little opportunity to get rest according to the rules.
  10. I'm sure thats what I said :D :D :D :D
  11. Fair one! :wink: