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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hantslad, Feb 24, 2009.

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    Department for Transport (National)

    TA Reservists get exemption from EU drivers' hours rules

    Territorial Army reservists who drive for a living can take part in weekend military training after the Government secured an important exemption from EU drivers' hours rules, Transport Minister Jim Fitzpatrick announced today.

    The European Commission has agreed that professional drivers can take part in reservist exercises at the weekend without breaking general rules on weekly rest requirements. It means a driver who finishes his normal driving duties on a Friday can complete a 34-hour period of military training and then resume his normal driving duties again on a Monday morning - as long as new safeguards are met.

    The new exemption will benefit volunteer reserve forces in the Territorial Army, Royal Navy Reservists, Royal Marine Reservists and Royal Auxiliary Air Force as well as cadet instructors.

    Jim Fitzpatrick said:

    "It is vital that men and women who want to serve their country are not prevented from doing so because they are professional drivers. That is why I am delighted the Government has been able to secure this important exemption from EU drivers' hours rules for reservists who drive for a living.

    "We've incorporated safeguards to make sure drivers continue to get enough rest before getting behind the wheel so this exemption will make a real difference to reservists without compromising on safety."

    The following safeguards have been incorporated into the exemption to ensure that road safety is not jeopardised:

    * The exemption will apply to 15 days' annual camp and 10 weekend training sessions per annum - a total of 35 days. Weekend training will not be allowed to take place on consecutive weeks (other than in respect of the 15-day annual camp);

    * a regular daily rest period of 11 hours must be taken between the end of weekend training and start of work for the primary employer;

    * a regular weekly rest period of 45 hours must be taken no later than at the end of the sixth day following a period of weekend training.

    The Ministry of Defence will issue guidelines that outline how drivers can manage their volunteer reserve service in accordance with the exemption.
  2. Well spotted. Common sense eventually prevails.

    Thought I'd reply so it would keep it at the top of the board so more people get to see it!
  3. Fill out your drivers hours sheets until told otherwise, it's an LSI requirement and is weighted heavily. i.e. One discrepancy and it's RED on the unit.

    It is not carte blanche to cease this.

    OC, nominated Offr or Warrant Offr to manage, PSI ONLY in event of absence.

    JSP 800 Vol 5 is the Joint Service Bible.
  4. One less nail in the coffin...
  5. My memory is dull, were we told to hang back and not implement that legislation, I only think that because we did not loose any vocational drivers while the Government were so gallantly fighting the EU to get this dispensation?

    Not expecting an answer more an excuse to bump subject! :)
  6. My bold, stop laughing at the back!

    So only 10 weekends per annum and no consecutive weekends to train, eh?

    Who's going to write the training calender to reflect this? Can you imagine the sh!t storm a RLC unit (Mostly professional drivers in civvie street) will have to fight through to make this work?
  7. So by my reckoning, that means a lad could drive for 14 days without a weekly rest period (6civ+2mil+6civ). Can you see him getting 11 hrs unbroken rest on the Sat night? Who will held responsible when he wipes out a family on the M1?

    Tis bollox.

  8. May sound a stupid question!
    But are Military Vehicles fitted with Tachographs then?
  9. No. But some white fleet are, mini busses etc. But I do believe they are factory fitted and are not required but I may be talking bollox. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will come along and shoot it down in flames.
  10. The 11 hours is on the Sunday night, not so bollox as you think!
  11. Can we keep this quiet from my job and unit. I will be back on the overtime router and stright back in the front of the shedford at weekends.
  12. Wrong, unless the Military has broken away from basing MT Drivers Hours on the Civvy version, drivers of Military vehicles should have the same time off (min 9 hrs) between shifts. No stagging on, standing to, camming vehicles, O groups etc.

    I stand by to be corrected as my MT experience is 10 years out of date but my knowledge of EU Drivers Regs/WTD is spot on.

  13. The regs are the same durning ex's and for the regs. This is a change in the law for reserve forces to drive at weekends. Under the old rules the brtish law said yes but the EU working time directive said no. The EU rulings also affected second jobs. You could work every other weekend or you could do every other Saturday as overtime.
  14. If employed as a civilian within the MoD as a driver how do you prove what hours you have worked in a week if stopped by the Police & asked to produce evidence of your working week etc?
  15. Does every TA driver have to fill out these pointless forms?