Drivers face £5k VIP lane fines

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Legs, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. I'm suprised it's only one lane out of the three in the illustration given over to the "great and Good".

    Liarbore must be copying the old Soviet Union with exclusive lanes.

    Then again come(the god knows how expensive and over budget event), whole roads may be turned over to the "Great and Good".

    If liarbore are still in power in 2012(a very depressing thought),petrol/diesel would be so heavly taxed that most people won't be able to afford to drive.
  2. An interesting point. Will the congestion charge be waived over the period of the bloody Games to reflect the fact that half the roads will be off limits? Unlikely (by the same token, rail and underground tickets never got cheaper despite the fact that owing to the security situation they stopped having litter bins and therefore presumably saved on waste management costs :evil: )

    The more I hear about the Olympics the more I wish some other country had 'won' them.
  3. Utter p155
    Also. once the games have finished the nice red lanes will remain as toll and/or poll 2 x pax or more lanes
    I too wish we'd never won the damm thing, the legacy will be yet more tax to cover the cost and more hair brained road schemes.
    Rant over
  4. Or

  5. And now we'll end up paying for the commonwealth games as well.

    edited to remove garbled irrelevance
  6. Oh that is absurd! We end up copying the USSR and N Korea! How can they possibly justify these roads! The Olympics only lasts a few weeks! That is ridiculous! I'd rather my money was spent on something worthwhile! A new prison here, some troops there...


    Edited to add: Not sure I pay much tax these fact maybe none at all :oops:
  7. Why are we so docile and stupid. The clowns that misrun us seem to be seeing how many stupid money-raising laws that they can hit us with before the worm turns.

    Won't affect me, anyway, don't intend going anywhere near that fiasco!
  8. time to buy up some 432s for that special day the really heavy ones with cranes on or a bridge laying chieftan :twisted:
    park that in there special lane with the leads removed.
    no obvious reason to protest apart from bloodymindedness
  9. Once they do get them moved they'll have to spend the next week trying to get rid of the oil that will be left on the road. :twisted:
  10. Keep a close eye on this one.

    The local authority will have to make a series of traffic regulation orders for this proposal (if it ever gets off the drawing board).

    There is enormous scope to derail the proposal through formal objections and a public hearing! :twisted:
  11. Good points. Maybe we should draft a toolkit for formal objections etc and post it here for common use.
  12. Better hope the civpop never find out how to make these little bvggers then:


  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Watch that space: I'm taking bets that if this little gobment numbers gets through, it won't be removed afterwards - that section of 'stolen' road will be retained either for continued 'V.I.P.' access, or some kind of 'First Class' throughfare.

    Banning protests outside the home of democracy without police permission; 'special' road lanes for party members; unforeseen fires in the Reichst . . . er, sorry, Parliament, that sort of thing.
  14. OK I admit it, I laughed and laughed and laughed when I read this story.

    Then I realised it wasn't a late April fool joke.

    Remember the bus lanes which certain Ministers can drive in in their Jags (for security reasons of course)