Drivers dont trust road taxes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Must be a good day to bury bad news, because the select committe report slaughters just about every Labour road transport policy holy cow.

    In short, they have fcuked up bigtime. So no change there then

    Motoring taxes have been handled so badly that drivers no longer trust what ministers say the charges pay for, an MPs' report says.

    Inconsistency over justification for green taxes "tarnished their image", according to the transport committee.

    Ministers should also abandon the link between unpopular congestion charge schemes and transport funding, it adds.

    The report said: "Fuel duty has been presented, at different times, as a tool to reduce carbon emissions, a source of general revenue, and a means to fund transport investment.

    "We are concerned that motorists are mistrustful of the government regarding taxes."

    Chairman Louise Ellman added: "The government handled a phased set of increases to Vehicle Excise Duty (car tax) so badly they tarnished the image of environmental taxes."
  2. All these so called 'environmental' taxes go into the big bucket marked 'Gordon's kitty, please waste me' - likewise National Insurance and if anyone thinks that this new 'broadband tax' on your phone bills will lay an inch of fibre cable then they need their bumps felt.
  3. You old cynic!

    As for the story,I hear that bears sh1t in the woods.
  4. I think this is one of the major issues with tax. People understand why we pay tax, and most have no objection to the concept. Most also understand that if they want a better quality of life, they need to pay more tax.

    However, there seems to be absolutely no correlation between the tax paid and the benefits gained. If we pay lots of money in road tax, we expect to see the roads repaired and resurfaced quickly and on a regular basis. If we pay lots of money to the NHS, we don't expect to be sat in a waiting room for 14 hours to be seen. If we pay lots of money to the police, we don't expect to be told that there are no cars in the area when we phone to complain of an ongoing burglary.

    People also dislike being taxed multiple times for the same things. For example, in the case of motoring taxes, we have:

    - Tax on your income that covers the following
    - Tax on the car itself
    - Extortioate fuel tax
    - Road tax
    - Automatic fines (not really a tax, but used as one)
    - Congestion zone charges
    - Bridge tolls
  5. - MoT "tax"
    - Parking charges
  6. Not to mention tax on new tyres and parts - or on the service charges themselves.