Drivers can avoid speeding tickets by.....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by admag, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. by changing lanes

    The Home Office admitted last night that drivers can avoid being caught the by hi-tech 'SPECS' cameras which calculate a car's average speed over a long distance.

  2. Or not speeding
  3. Exactly Woodman. People bang on all the time about getting caught, its not fair blah blah blah.

    If you dont speed, you wont have to moan!.
  4. Does that mean my "James Bond" Rotate-A-Plates are now not required!?
  5. yep you can sell em fleabay now!
  6. walking!?!
  7. ...doing over 164Mph past the cameras as they can't get a photo at that speed.
  8. Blaming the missus and getting her to take the fine and penalty points!
  9. Or by having with no Driving License, Road Tax, MOT, Insurance AND Number Plates from a different make/colour car like the Albanian cnut who ran into me in London. (He was an unregistered illegal immigrant as well) He was only arrested by the police as he was unable to drive away, and was politely asked by my mate not to walk away from the scene of the accident. Good job I am fully comp, with no claims protection.
  10. I'm going to be like a man with piles in those sectors!!!!!!!!
  11. Since this is in the Daily Mail, are you willing to test this theory admag and report back to Arrse...

    Personally the speed limit is generally common sense... proves little to bomb on a motorway contraflow...
  12. Mad Moriarty wrote:
    Exactly Woodman. People bang on all the time about getting caught, its not fair blah blah blah.

    If you dont speed, you wont have to moan!.

    Are you a cop?
    That is the sort of crap you hear from people who drive at 70mph in the outside lane, whilst driving beside an eejit doing the same speed in the middle lane...rolling roadblock anyone.

    Speed on it's own doesn't cause accidents, not taking due care and attention to your surroundings, and using the wrong speed for your environment causes accidents. TRL government research supports this theory but how many due care and attention cameras have you seen? You don't see binlids on the motorway doing 45mph getting done for causing an obstruction. But do 85 on a clear motorway and you are now the new whipping boy for the treasury/insurance companies. Goodbye £60 and hello three points, or in reality £60 + three points + increased insurance. Ever notice that insurance companies don't ask what your points were for. And before you start, Yes I am Bitter! One law fits all should be the case.

    Ditch the cameras, get more traffic cops and have insurance and MOT discs made a statutory requirement for all windscreens. Then get rid of every illegal uninsured, un MoT'd, un licenced driver off our roads.

    If you closed a stretch of the motorway full of cvehicles one morning and made every vehicle produce their paperwork you would have 20% of those vehicles or their drivers with some form of offence. 1 in 5

    Alcohol causes more deaths each year than driving ever will!

    I think I just went off on one..............apologies!
  13. No I am a father who was in the same car as his baby daughter when a cnut who was doing 70mph in a 30mph streatch of road, lost control and hit us head on!.
  14. Remove rear number plates - remove rear lights - Enjoy hours of hooning down empty dual carriageways!

    - according to local press anyway.
  15. The problem is when people go out of areas they know, I know the location of all cameras where I live. When I drive somewhere on holiday or to visit someone I'm like a "nervous nellie" at the first sign of a camera.