Drivers and CIS beware CPL up on lower pay band

In the mighty 38 six very happy full screws are now being paid on the lower pay band.

Unless your a class 1 knocker and are a driver or CIS Cpl you will get shunted across to the lower pay band.

And there is paperwork supporting this i will find the relevant document and leave its title for any one wanting to look it up themselves.
When did that change? What is really great is that it is nails to get on a B1 knocker course if you are a driver and a signaller. I was on one of the last B1 courses where MCM Div didn't get too excited about what trades went on the course so long as they were full. Then everybody got excited about Pay 2000, I think there were a couple of Sigs WO2s on the course after mine as they were worried about dropping down.
According to are clerks it has always been in but misunderstood and have heard through the grapevine that unless your a knocker you can go and swing when it comes to your B1 now
serves you all right. :muhaha:

had to filter down from the grown ups to the adolescents at some stage, anything to save cash. :shakefist:
the document in question can be found in :


Why should drivers and sigs get a B1 knocker course? I've been a knocker for my whole career and have tried several times to get my HGV and bike courses several times. Only to be told that as I wasn't MT srtream there was no need. And then later on it was now you are a CPL you will never need to drive a truck or ride a bike. Now I'm a SNCO I try and get my blokes away on courses as often as possible. But I'm fighting an uphill battle
On my B1 course there were the normal range of fieldie trades, sigs, drivers, planties, surveyors, draughtsmen etc! As for sigs and drivers getting a B1 knocker course if they are embedded in a field troop as a section driver or troop signaller etc why not? On Ex IRON ANVIL in 2002 we had a really understrength Sqn. We had a guys scattered to the four winds doing tasks; on one live bridge dem myself (a planty) and a driver were the only B1 knockers available so we ran it.
In the last Fd Sqn and Armd Sqn we didn't have drivers or bleeps embedded in the Fd troops. We had sect members who could drive and others that could bleep. MT did their thing and Sigs did F All as usual.
But things could of changed in the last 3 1/2 yrs while I've been in an Inf Unit.
A lot depends on how individual Sqns/Regts want to run things. Some like this set up others don't.
In the last Fd Sqn and Armd Sqn we didn't have drivers or bleeps embedded in the Fd troops. We had sect members who could drive and others that could bleep. MT did their thing and Sigs did F All as usual.
But things could of changed in the last 3 1/2 yrs while I've been in an Inf Unit.
Ahh bless, the overworked knockers oiling the G10 shovels then playing sports for the rest of the day. Did a nasty Scaley shout at you once :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Dry your eyes princess ^_~
Well this was not the type of responses i expected, i was actually hoping someone out there had something actually worth while to add but never mind.

RE-DSO well did you sack being a Knocker to go to an Inf unit? Sigs may have done Feck all wherever you were last i can assure you they more than make up for it now with the new set up but i wont bother getting into a debate on the subject with you on that it would be pointless and not at all constructive.

And why should Sigs, Planties and MT get to do a B1? Due to lack of Knocker B1's in every place i have been, or the fact the Fd Tp NCO's are off on another course it tends to end up being Sigs MT and Plant TP NCO's trying ( Not always Badly) to fill the Gap. When short comings do occur and the lack of a B1 one course is mentioned it does not once get mentioned , at that time, that you dont need you B1 because your a fecking scaly, Taxi Driver or Mud muppet. You do get the "Well your a shagging Spr aint yer"

I spent a fair amount of time embedded in a FD TP and I loved it, I dont obviously blame knockers for knocking off work to do whatever when there is no work. What i do object to is working my ass off and then getting paid less and then have to deal with the usaul knocker every fecker else mentality that floods the Corps.

Yes yes yes i chose my trade, but i keep getting told porkies along the way.
The clue is in the title The Corps of the Royal Engineers, not the Royal Corps of Signals.

Are you seriously suggesting that a Cbt Sig/C3S/CS Op/.....whatever next, who spends approximately 20 weeks on course to get too Class 1 level (comms only) is as qualified as an artisan who can spend anywhere from 6-18 months to gain their basic quals.

There is a high & low scale and not everyone can be on the high scale. We used to have T, A & B tradesmen and guess what sigs was the B trade. The whole of Pay 2000 is f*cked pan-army, but the fact remains that whatever way they work it out they will always pay higher qualified (even if lower quality ^_~) individuals more money

Your last line sort of sums it up, nice rant though :biggrin::biggrin:
Thanks CAARPS got blow off steam somewhere!!! :)
To be fair, it doesn’t help matters that certain trades flip between low and high bands between various ranks, they should have come up with a system where individuals progressed at the rate pertaining to their skill set

Something like T, A & B Trades perhaps. But you would then get individuals doing the same Job (Tp Staffy, SSM, ect) on different scales of pay.

Oh a bit like now then :biggrin::biggrin:
No I'm not a civvy. The use of the F word was intentional.
No I didn't give up being a knocker to go Inf. I'm an SME at the Inf unit on all things RE related and support all the courses here.

I agree with the lack of knockers in my last Sqn. I was the only B1 Sect Comd in the Sqn for almost 10 months. Tell me about the shit jobs that come round. In this setup MT did their thing, sigs did their thing and knockers likewise. And there was no crossover. I understand what a bleep does. As as well as being a B1 I'm also a Cl 2 Sig, as was then before it became what it is now.

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