Drivers and CIS beware CPL up on lower pay band

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by spoontastic2538, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. In the mighty 38 six very happy full screws are now being paid on the lower pay band.

    Unless your a class 1 knocker and are a driver or CIS Cpl you will get shunted across to the lower pay band.

    And there is paperwork supporting this i will find the relevant document and leave its title for any one wanting to look it up themselves.
  2. When did that change? What is really great is that it is nails to get on a B1 knocker course if you are a driver and a signaller. I was on one of the last B1 courses where MCM Div didn't get too excited about what trades went on the course so long as they were full. Then everybody got excited about Pay 2000, I think there were a couple of Sigs WO2s on the course after mine as they were worried about dropping down.
  3. According to are clerks it has always been in but misunderstood and have heard through the grapevine that unless your a knocker you can go and swing when it comes to your B1 now
  4. serves you all right. :muhaha:

    had to filter down from the grown ups to the adolescents at some stage, anything to save cash. :shakefist:
  5. not as if i am gonna get that far any way lol promotion sucks ass
  6. Not when they move you from H6 to L6 it does not the gits.

    I have heard one of the blokes has already got in touch with a solicitor but i dont know if he will have any joy.
  7. the document in question can be found in :


  8. Why should drivers and sigs get a B1 knocker course? I've been a knocker for my whole career and have tried several times to get my HGV and bike courses several times. Only to be told that as I wasn't MT srtream there was no need. And then later on it was now you are a CPL you will never need to drive a truck or ride a bike. Now I'm a SNCO I try and get my blokes away on courses as often as possible. But I'm fighting an uphill battle
  9. On my B1 course there were the normal range of fieldie trades, sigs, drivers, planties, surveyors, draughtsmen etc! As for sigs and drivers getting a B1 knocker course if they are embedded in a field troop as a section driver or troop signaller etc why not? On Ex IRON ANVIL in 2002 we had a really understrength Sqn. We had a guys scattered to the four winds doing tasks; on one live bridge dem myself (a planty) and a driver were the only B1 knockers available so we ran it.
  10. In the last Fd Sqn and Armd Sqn we didn't have drivers or bleeps embedded in the Fd troops. We had sect members who could drive and others that could bleep. MT did their thing and Sigs did F All as usual.
    But things could of changed in the last 3 1/2 yrs while I've been in an Inf Unit.
  11. A lot depends on how individual Sqns/Regts want to run things. Some like this set up others don't.
  12. The 2 Sqn's I'm on about are 20 FD Sqn and 3 AES.
  13. Ahh bless, the overworked knockers oiling the G10 shovels then playing sports for the rest of the day. Did a nasty Scaley shout at you once :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    Dry your eyes princess ^_~
  14. CAARPS

    You crack on FELLA. You do your thing the knockers do our thing. I know where I'd rather be
  15. A stinking civvie by all accounts ^_~

    Oh and a user of the F word, Class :biggrin: